“Your Recycled Lies From 2017 Will Fail Again” Warisan Tells DAP

KOTA KINABALU: A Warisan leader has slammed DAP Sabah for recycling allegations made in 2017.

James Yim who is Warisan Kota Kinabalu’s Youth Secretary said, DAP Sabah’s recent allegations that Warisan is pro-BN will fail again.

He was responding to Kota Kinabalu DAPSY Chief, Chan Loong Wei’s recent statement who questioned if Warisan is pro-BN.

“I would like to remind DAP Sabah that this allegation that Warisan is pro-BN is an old recycled script from 2017,” said James.

“Maybe Chan Loong Wei is not aware that in September 2017, Chan Foong Hin who was the then Sri Tanjong State Assemblyman had made a similar allegation which was published in a mandarin newspaper.”

The mandarin newspaper had reported Chan Foong Hin as urging the public not to be distracted by Warisan.

Chan had also said that Warisan is pro-BN, and claimed that Pakatan Harapan was the only choice for people who seek a change in government.

James added, after the 2017 allegations by Chan, it was proven that DAP Sabah had lied to the Sabahans.

“But Sabahans did not fall for Chan Foong Hin’s allegation. Instead the people gave strong support to Warisan and we finally defeated BN in 2018.”

“History has shown that the allegation made by Chan and DAP Sabah is false. History has also shown that Sabahans will not fall for DAP’s lies.”

“DAP must remember that Pakatan Rakyat failed to defeat in 2008 and 2013. But finally BN in 2018 after Warisan’s emergence.”

“Warisan did not rely on DAP. It was DAP who relied on Warisan.”

James also said that DAP Sabah’s recycled allegation may be a hint that the party is under tremendous pressure to remain relevant in Sabah.

“Such recycled allegations have proven to be false. But after 5 years, DAP has to resort to recycling a 5-year-old garbage to fool Sabahans. Is it because DAP has realised that it is becoming irrelevant in Sabah?”

“More and more people are aware that DAP as a Chinese party can only contest in Chinese-majority areas. So at most, DAP can only win a few seats but remain as Opposition.”

“This is because DAP cannot get support from other communities. These are facts.”

“But Warisan is not like DAP. Warisan has support from all communities. Warisan can contest in Bajau areas, in Chinese areas, in Dusun areas, in the rural areas or even in the urban areas. And Warisan is able to form the government any time.”

“With the emergence of Warisan, is DAP seeing Warisan as a threat to its survival in Sabah?”

“Is DAP starting to worry because more and more Sabahans do not blindly believe West Malaysian parties like DAP or PH?”

“Maybe DAP is feeling the heat, that is why it is trying repeat a very old recycled garbage that has been proven to be false.”

“DAP must stop thinking of Sabahans as fools because Sabahans, especially the Chinese are not that gullible to blindly believe DAP anymore.”