Mum And Baby In ‘Terror Ride’ – Uber Driver Flashed Penis While Driving

KOTA KINABALU – When she boarded her Uber ride from the Likas Mother and Child clinic at Likas mid-morning Monday, never did she expect to end up in tears and abandoning the journey even before reaching home.

The young Sino-Murut mother claimed that the Uber driver assaulted her modesty by flashing his penis at her while he was driving the car, a white Axia, on a trip back home to the Lido area at about 10.30 Monday morning.

The 25-year-old woman said she was scared out of her wits by the incident, moreso because she had her daughter with her, that she asked to be dropped off halfway instead.

She subsequently lodged a police report at the Luyang police station, and made a complaint to the service provider.
Kota Kinabalu city police chief, Assistant Commissioner M Chandra said the case has been classified under Section 509 of the Penal Code and that police are investigating.

However, the case has taken a new twist when the accused himself turned up at the police station to lodge a report of his own – as the woman’s tear-jerker episode had gone viral over social media.

The 35-year-old Chinese man has since denied any wrongdoing, saying he had never uttered a word during the trip, nor touched his fare, let alone fondle or expose his private part.

According to the woman’s police report, the incident allegedly took place near the City Mosque in Likas when she said she saw the man take out his penis and slowly rubbed it.

The woman also claimed that prior to that the man had also put his hands inside his trousers, but she thought nothing of it, noting on her Whatsapp “I thought he was just feeling itchy or the pants/belt too tight.”

Woman alleges Uber driver flashed his penis and rubbed it as well while driving her home to Lido on Monday.

The alleged incident went viral as the woman posted her escapade on Whatsapp.

This was her side of the story.

“Hi everyone, regarding my post earlier, I just wanna say thanks to all of you who had offered your help. Me and my baby are fine now. My friend had already helped me to report to the Uber company and I just got a call from them.

“They will continue to investigate this matter and (have) banned this driver from only ME using him, and also they will refund my fare for this trip. As for what my post earlier had mentioned, I took this Uber (ride) from Hospital Likas to my house at Lido.

“I had no idea he was holding his penis, when he took it out just a little (at this time we were near to Likas Masjid) by rubbing it gently. Cause the first and second time he put his hands on his pants I thought he was just feeling itchy or the pants/belt too tight.

“I was too frightened and shaken by the incident that I cried silently without saying anything. I did post (what was happening) on Facebook and texted my husband to ask for help. He called me and I try to sound calm as I didn’t want him (driver) to suspect anything.

“Although this is the third time I encountered a similar case, this time I was with my baby and I dared not do anything as I was worried he’ll do something to me and my baby and I couldn’t run away. If it was me alone I can jump out from the car cause there was very heavy traffic (jammed) at the Likas Mosque area.

“So yeah, I reached home safely sent by a church friend who had seen my post and met me at Burger King, Damai. I’m here just to share what had happened to me and by letting you all know that I’m safe and trying to calm myself down.

“Pls (Please) do SHARE this post and let everyone know abt (about) this Uber driver. Just to be safe from taking a ride from him. Thanks to all of my friends and thank God for keeping us safe.”