Works To Beautify Penampang Will Continue

PENAMPANG: Efforts to beautify and upgrade the infrastructure and facilities in Penampang area will continue to be implemented.

Penampang District Council chief executive officer Tang Yang Ming said, damaged infrastructures and facilities will continue to be repaired and upgraded within six months’ time, as demanded by Penampang MP Datuk Darell Leiking.

He noted that Darell’s concern stemmed from the long-awaited efforts from local councils where no significant actions were taken to solve the problems in Donggongon town since the change of government even though many meetings were held.

“Since then, the Penampang District Council and Penampang Parliamentary Service Centre had fully adhered to the demand, thus immediate actions have been taken to beautify Donggongon town.

“It is more effective to act immediately than to only speak about ideas. Only actions can indicate the true sentiments towards helping our people in Penampang, to prove to be more reliable than what we claimed to be.

“We need to have the correct mindset to do things differently compared to last time. This is what I have been told during the walkabout in Donggongon town with Darell,” he said in a statement recently.

Tang also mentioned that he has mobilised all the resources and workforce, instead of resolving the issues one by one, to simultaneously take actions against all the problems addressed by Darell.   

“Besides getting instructions from local authority, a charity campaign was held in November last year, organised by Malaysia Automotive Robotic and IoT Institute (MARii) and Penampang Parliamentary Service Centre to embellish Donggongon town where attractive decorations and plants were put on, and painting of local element artworks on facilities were done,” he explained.

According to him, many assignments have been accomplished within the timeframe given, with the collaboration between local authorities and Penampang Parliamentary Service Centre where most of the works were done in Donggongon town since it is one of the significant landmarks in Penampang.

Among the works done were the installation of solar street lights behing Buhavan Square, refurbishments and upgrade of public seating areas, facilities, planter rings and sidewalk, planting of new trees, damaged rubbish bins holder replacement, and new paints for the road kerbs in Donggongon.

He also pointed out that a lot more works will be done, not only for Donggongon town but also other crucial areas in Penampang.

“Actions speak louder than words – this is our formula in Penampang, especially the Penampang District Council, in order to show our efficiency in serving the people.

“It is not fair for the people to wait for improvements when we already have the abilities and resources to make Penampang a better place. The most important thing is the responsibilities of local authority to the people.

“We will continue to work with the parliamentary office for more improvement in Penampang,” he added.