Wong: Sabah To Become Healthy Agriculture Hub Of Asia In A Decade

KUALA LUMPUR: The Sabah state government is committed to promote the state as the best agriculture produce exporter across Asia, as well as a centre of trade for agricultural products.

Sabah Agriculture and Food Industry Minister Datuk Junz Wong said the state government will continue its research and development (R&D) in providing high yielding planting materials, methods and sustainable practises for environmental conservation.

He added that Sabah will also position itself as a trade centre for agricultural products by taking advantage of its geographical location.

Datuk Junz Wong presenting the Global Agritech Award in Industry Excellence in Agricultural Engineering Machinery to one of the recepient.

“Sabah had launched a 10-year blueprint to boost the agriculture sector and our food security. We focused a lot on the basics such as farming, fisheries and the livestock sectors. So, the blueprint is very comprehensive.

“We also focus on organic farming. Sabah is geared up to be the exporter of green, sustainable and healthy food products in the region,” he said at the closing ceremony of the AgriTech Summit 2019 held at the Bank Rakyat Convention Centre today.

Commenting on how the state government is helping the rural population to come out of poverty, Wong said that the administration, under Parti Warisan Sabah, is actively looking into land zoning and providing infrastructure support to enable rural farmer to operate efficiently.

In addition, he said, his ministry had also introduced several tailor-made programmes to boost farmers’ income.


Wong: Sabah to become healthy agriculture hub of Asia in a decade