Woman Seriously Injured By Uprooted Tree At Popular Mawilla Beach

LABUAN: A weekend recreational and exercise for 12 friends at Labuan’s popular Mawilla Beach turned tragic when one of them seriously injured after a 120-feet Pine tree uprooted and fell on them at 6.20pm today.

The 45-year-old victim from Tawau, identified as Siti Hamidah, who is a housewife was having light exercise with new friends when the tragic occured.

It was learnt at the scene the woman’s head was bleeding and she might be suffering broken leg as she can’t move her left side.

“I was having light exercise with some new friends at about 5pm there and talking each other, when we were suddenly  hit by the falling tree.

“I immediately rushed out of the tree branches and never expected one of us was hit seriously… hope she will be fine,” said Masni Shaik Dali, who is one of the victims.

The giant lettering sculpture of  ”YA ALLAH BERKATILAH LABUAN’ was damaged by the tree.

The Labuan Fire and Rescue Department personnel immediately rushed to the scene upon received distress call before the ambulance arrived.

The victim was stretched out of the tree branches to hospital for treatment.