‘Wind Of Change In Sabah’ Will Never Happen In Sabah, Boasts Francis Goh

Goh (second right) look on as Luvita distributing festive card to a trader during a visit to the
Goh, second right, looks on as Penampang District Officer Luvita Koisun distributes a festive card to a trader during a visit to the market in Donggongon on Sunday.

PENAMPANG – The opposition are only having wild dreams if they think they can oust the Barisan Nasional in the 14th general election.

State MCA deputy chairman Datuk Francis Goh said one only has to look at the disjointed opposition in Sabah to know that beating the BN in an election is next to impossible.

“That there will be a wind of change in GE14 is merely a propaganda created by the opposition to confuse the people,” said Goh when he went on a walkabout in Donggongon township in conjunction with Chinese New Year celebration.

“I wish to make it clear to the voters and supporters, such is not true and it will not happen especially in Kapayan and Sabah as a whole,” he stressed.

Goh said a majority of the seats are under the BN and Umno, and the people of Sabah are firmly behind the BN despite the opposition making claims they are gaining ground.

“Maybe the wind of change can happen in Sarawak because they are not under Umno and they can make decision to become opposition,” said Goh.

According to him, Sabah are always secured under the BN government and the opposition only know how to create confusion by claiming 2017 is their year.

He said the opposition parties are planning to form an alliance to fight BN on a one to one basis but so far this has never happened in Sabah’s political history.

“They are unable to cooperate in the first place and agree to a straight fight, because the opposition parties regardless of local or otherwise have their own interest,” said Goh.

“Look at United Sabah Alliance (USA), most of their leaders has the ambition to become chief minister, similarly to Parti Warisan Sabah who claimed they are the biggest local based opposition party.”

On MCA Sabah he said the party will maintain its present quota of its two state seats in Luyang and Kapayan constituencies, and Goh declared that he will be contesting the Kapayan seat.

He declared this during a walkabout in Lido on Saturday, while indicating that three candidates has been shortlisted for the Luyang seat.

They are Luyang’s community development leader Datuk Agnes Shim, MCA Kota Kinabalu women chief Dr Pamela Yong, who incidentally is the daughter of Agnes, and incumbent Luyang assemblyman Dr Hiew King Cheu.

However, Goh said the final decision of their candidacies is up to the discretion of the MCA central leadership.