Will Sabahans Be The Saviours Of A Nation Struggling To Rid Their Land Of Corruption

COMMENT: Come 26 September 2020 a new chapter in the history of the nation will be inked.

What will it be?

Will Sabahans come like an avalanche with the ultimate message to all errant and deceitful politicians or will they choose to continue to keep their heads buried in the sand?

Will Sabahans fall prey to the traps and trappings of race, religion, and language wild cards?

Or will they unite at the ballot box with a thundering voice of ‘enough is enough’?

Truly, if GE14 was a momentous chapter in the power of democracy at work, we all know that it only took 22 months to desecrate and destroy that success with a political coup.

And we also know that Sabah now cusps that broken hope to return justice to the legitimate citizens in their palms, come 26 September 2020.

Will Sabahans enter the history pages attesting how our eastern-most citizens returned the country to a more moral and virtuous path of progressive nationhood or will we sink into the claws of a despicable mantra of ‘money politics’ where race, religion and language is used as the swords of divisiveness and victory at the polls?

All that the rest of Malaysia can do is pray and hope for a decisively healing miracle.

May Sabahans be the saviours of a nation of people struggling to rid their land of corruption, greed and regime-powers.

Meanwhile even our ASEAN neighbours keep their fingers crossed. For all of us democracy must triumph against evil plots and regimes in order to further liberate and empower this region in this age and challenging times  of great geopolitical and global economic distress.

* JD Lovrenciear is Chairman, Professional Development Bureau Institute Of Public Relations Malaysia, Putrajaya Executive Director, Business Ethics Institute Of Malaysia. He holds a Master in Communication Management awarded by the University of South Australia.