‘Will Sabah Polls Be Constitutional Without The 13 New Seats’ – Leiking

KUALA LUMPUR: An opposition lawmaker from Sabah on Monday raised the issue of whether it would be unconstitutional for the Sabah elections to be held as it would not be in compliance with the State Constitution if Parliament does not table and approve the Sabah electoral boundaries on the approved 13 new seats.

Darell Leiking, the legislator from Penampang, while debating to approve the RM7 billion plus 2017 Supplementary Budget of the government at the Dewan Rakyat on Monday

Leiking touched on the Election Commission which had spent an additional budget of RM80 million and he asked if these included the Electoral Boundary study pursuant to the increase of Sabah State 13 new State seats;

He said that the increase of the 13 additional Sabah State Assembly seats were approved by State Legislative Assembly by amending the Sabah Constitution from 60 State Seats to 73 State Seats on the 9th August 2016.

This he told Parliament, was Gazetted in a record time as State Law on 17th August 2016 (a mere 8 days after the State Assembly passed the amendment to the Constitution).


“I asked the Government if they agreed that holding the Sabah elections would be unconstitutional without the additional 13 seats,” Leiking later told BorneoToday.

Leiking reminded the Government that in their reply to his question last year, it had affirmed (to him) that the EC had submitted their Final Recommendations on the Sabah Electoral Boundaries (consequent to the 13 approved seats) to the Prime Minister on the 21st February 2017 but till now the recommendations are not scheduled to be tabled by the PM.

“However the Tanah Melayu Electoral Boundaries are being tabled despite several court actions taken at the same material time,” added Leiking in his debate.

According to the Parti Warisan Sabah deputy president, he had also touched on the

Royal Commission of Inquiry on illegal immigrants and brought to their attention that committee after committee had been formed but with no results to-date and the Electoral Rolls could be tainted.

He also said that another point raised was what has happened to the Borneonisation of the Federal Service in Sabah;

Leiking added that he had requested for civil servants working in Kuala Lumpr to be transferred to fill in the Federal service in Sabah.