Will Opposition Agree To Mere 28 Seats After Bersatu Grabs Lion’s Share?

TAMBUNAN: A senior Parti Warisan Sabah leader on Saturday claimed that Perikatan Nasional’s infighting in Sabah is imminent.

Warisan Vice President Datuk Junz Wong said, “I believe PN will self implode, (first in Sabah and then the nation).”

He said the jostling for seats has already begun between component parties aligned with PN with Bersatu and Umno tring to muscle their way through.

Earlier Saturday, Bersatu Sabah chief Datuk Seri Hajiji Noor announced they are ready to place its candidates in 45 out of the 73 seats contested.

“If PPBM takes 45 seats, what is going to happen to Musa Aman and Bung Mokhtar (UMNO), Anifah Aman’s PCS, Jeffrey Kitingan’s STAR, Parti Bersatu Sabah, PBRS, as well as Azmin’s independents?”

“How are the remaining seven or eight blocs and camps in PN going to divide the remaining 28 seats?,” Junz wondered aloud.

Datuk Peter Anthony and Datuk Junz Wong at a meet-the-people session in Tambunan on Saturday.

“Will each bloc be satisfied with 3 or 4 seats each? Will they fight (or field independents)? Will they sabotage one another?”

Junz also reminded Sabahans to take cue and to allow the opposition to slug it out among themselves.

“Enjoy the show. We as Sabahans meanwhile, must continue to stay united and focused. When polling day comes, think of the candidate and party and who can unite the people and take Sabah forward,” he added