Why Sign The NCA While Due Diligence Is Not Completed? – DAP Sabah Questions

KOTA KINABALU: Following the State Attorney General’s latest public statement, the Nature Conservation Agreement (NCA) or better known carbon trading deal is unenforceable as due diligence is still under process.

Luyang State Assemblyman cum Sabah DAP Secretary, Phoong Jin Zhe said if it is true as the AG stated today, what is at stake for Sabah as we may fail to enforce the NCA that has been agreed between the third party and the GRS state government?

Isn’t it improper and uncommon for a government to enter a multi-billion deal without seeking advice from the AG and without conducting due diligence? Can someone from the cabinet answer me on this?

So many questions are now arising to the surface after the AG’s statement. It is clear as the AG stated that we have the right to carbon sovereignty and could build our own expertise under the Sabah Climate Change Committee. Why did the GRS state government not consider establishing a Government Linked Company (GLC) but rather getting into a deal with a third party? This has also been previously raised in the State Assembly Sitting.

The AG has also clarified that the NCA is not binding nor enforceable as many terms are missing from the agreement, especially the designated area which has not been determined. Why did the entire cabinet agree to allow the Deputy Chief Minister to seal the agreement before terms and conditions are even finalised?

This is very fishy, is someone gaining any benefits from the deal or personal interest? Has Sabah’s land sovereignty been sold off? I urge the Malaysia Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) to step in and investigate this fiasco.

Lastly, I call on the GRS State Government to call a Special State Assembly sitting to ensure Sabahans’ interests are safeguarded.