Why Now Jahid Jahim; Did You Ever Query Musa Aman’s Role Back Then


COMMENT: Datuk Jahid Jahim the Information Chief of Parti Bersatu Sabah must be shamed for his accusation that Datuk Darell Leiking is trying to hoodwink Sabahans with his dare to resign if Parti Warisan Sabah is found to be issuing MyKad to the illegal immigrants or PTI in Sabah.

Jahid and the rest of PBS leaders should be ashamed of themselves for never having had the courage to put their political careers on stake over the PTI issue back during the time when they were in power.

I take it that Jahid and the rest of his bosses in PBS are now feeling the heat because none of them ever risked their three decade-long political career over this longstanding issue.

So when Darell provided a strong assurance to Sabahans that there is no agenda by Warisan’s top leadership to grant citizenships to the PTIs in Sabah, Jahid and his bosses are now facing what they have been trying to avoid all the while; which is political conscientiousness.

PBS rejoined the now ousted Barisan Nasional in 2002 and for almost 16 years, Jahid and his bosses never said anything about Musa Aman who had been explicitly described by Dr Chong Eng Leong in his Book “Lest We Forget” and during the RCI on PTI in Sabah as the alleged person who headed the Umno Sabah committee that issued thousands of citizenship to the PTI in Sabah back in the 90s.


And never did Jahid have the guts to bring up the matter to the PBS Supreme Council meeting to have Musa removed as the Chief Minister back then via a vote of no confidence in the DUN but instead, Jahid conveniently shut his eyes and ears and pretended he don’t know anything.

And now, Jahid comes out as if he is a hero and provided his list of occurrences which he believes are the circumstantial evidence, but he himself never wanted to prove that all of these are Warisan’s systematic effort to grant citizenship to the PTIs in Sabah.

The question is why only now Jahid questions the guarantee given by Darell? Did Jahid say anything when (former Tamparuli Assemblyman) Wilfred Bumburing gave the same dare to leave BN because of the PTI issue back in 2012?

Jahid and his bosses were quiet because for 16 years, they have been protecting Musa Aman and now, when Darell gave the similar dare, they (Jahid and PBS leaders) cannot accept it that Darell is enjoying something which they have never had that is ‘freedom’ and they are now trying hard to demean Darell out of pure jealousy.

Since Musa had been explicitly mentioned and alleged in Dr Chong Eng Leong’s Book (Lest we Forget), then Jahid should instead chase after him (Musa).

“Musa is the previous Chief Minister and the allegation against him is so serious that it warrants a thorough investigation as well as why were the RCI recommendations never implemented during the BN Tenure?

I would not be surprised at all if a non-Sabahan engineered the giving out of citizenship to PTI in Sabah because he/she would not understand the feelings of Sabahans but it is totally unacceptable if a Sabahan did so.

So Jahid and his bosses should sit down and meditate whether they should break Musa’s 16 years chain of domination imposed against them by dragging him to the court of justice Musa or continue to serve him.

After all, I believe PBS had gathered the evidences throughout their 16 years of courtship with Musa and the time is apt for the party to right what has been wrong.

• Pritchard Gumbaris is Political Secretary to Darell Leiking