What is The True Daily Current Vaccination Rate?

KOTA KINABALU: There are few important issues that the State Government should clarify with regards to the announcement by YB Menteri DSP  Masidi Manjun with regards to the implementation of SOP for Supermarkets, Hypermarkets and Eateries .

I take it that the State Government encourages every individual to be vaccinated but will it backfire ? Causing unnecessary infringement of SOP at every PPV opening up to Walk-in.

Just for the record Sabah has registered as the State with the lowest registration for vaccination and that the rate of vaccination is also the lowest in the whole of Malaysia.

Why then come up with such illogical policy ? The problem lies with insufficient vaccines available.

On the other hand there are many out there who wanted vaccination justified by how people have lined up at Walk-in PPV. However there is much to be desired with regards to the method of implementation. One method of controlling crowd should be walk-in by birth year on a certain day .

On the other hand, It appears that some of the PPV are not aware of the sudden announcement by the spokesman of the State Government on Covid-19.

Implementations leaves much to be desired. State Government should instead persist in getting more vaccines.

The CM had promised that we will have 30K vaccination per day from July . Can we know what is the daily current vaccination rate ?

When the State Government insist that only fully vaccinated public and staff be allowed in all of the 3 establishments above, do they realise that many establishments would be unable to open up as not necessary all of their staffs are vaccinated or fully vaccinated.

This is inpart due to non appointment date being given to them.  Secondly this requirement means that the rights of individual liberty in their right whether to be vaccinated is being infringed .

Thirdly there are those who may have certain morbodities and thus do not allow them to be vaccinated  . Surely these  last two groups will find their fundamental individual liberties being infringed upon . Are there any exemptions ?

The latest announcement to defer implementation of the latest sop for dine-in workers and patrons as well as super and Hypermarkets by one month do not help much unless the vaccines are readily available and that these 3 groups of workers are given priority to be vaccinated.

The lack of proper walk-in SOP would only increase more infections as can be seen from the viral videos innnsocial media.

If the State Government thinks that this is the best way forward,  atleast let an outlet in each area within a distance to operate without  requirement for vaccination.