‘What Is Rightfully The Peoples’ Should Never Be Dangled As Bait’

COMMENT: Dr Sim Kui Hian and SUPP are recycling the same political propaganda used during the last State Elections in 2016 to mislead people into believing that there is a need to support them in the upcoming General Elections (GE14) for better representation so that Sarawak can get back it rights and autonomy from the federal government.

Dr Sim was quoted saying that “Whether Sarawak can get back its autonomy depends very much on the results of GE14 and that poor results for BN may also affect the negotiation between Sarawak and the Federal Government on Sarawak’s autonomy”


First and foremost, this clearly shows the “beggars mentality” SUPP and BN Sarawak has when it comes to our Sarawak rights. They are subservient and agreeable to Prime Minister Najib’s “blackmail” that our rights will only be returned if we support Barisan Nasional.

Those are our rights to begin with, and what is rightfully ours should not be dangled in front of the people as bait for their own political purposes.

This is the exact propaganda used by SUPP and BN Sarawak during the State Election where they rallied the people to go behind Team Adenan so that they will have strong representation to demand things from the Federal Government.

As a result, BN Sarawak got an overwhelming majority with 73 seats out of 82 going to Barisan Nasional. That is close to 90% of support from the people of Sarawak with the expectancy that the BN State government will get back what is rightfully ours.

However, until today, it is proven that it is clearly a misdirection, and even with such overwhelming support, the State got little or nothing done in terms of getting back our autonomy. Even the 20% oil royalty that was passed in DUN in 2014 is nowhere to be seen.

Fact of matter is, Sarawak also gave a strong representation to BN in 2013 General elections with 80% of the seats went to BN respectively, but yet again, they still continue to have a beggar’s mentality and done little to nothing when it comes to our autonomous rights. SUPP even has a full Minister in the Cabinet but yet has little say when it comes to UMNO’s wishes.

PAS’s Hudud Bill was still allowed to be read out by the Barisan Nasional government, and additional taxes such as Tourism Tax were implemented even after so called objections from these local BN parties. In addition to that, when SUPP and BN Sarawak had almost all the Sarawak seats in parliament in the past, they did nothing also to fight for our rights but in reverse, willingly gave it away instead.

Fact of matter is, it was the calls from the civil society and opposition for our State rights first, then only was such agenda “adopted” by the BN government. If there was no pressure, the BN government in their complacency and “strong support”, will not have done anything. Thus can we risk of giving back greater power to BN in view of what they have done in past and the little they have done now even with such overwhelming support?

So, such call for greater support for BN in order to get back our rights is an insult to the people as well as a recycled empty propaganda used by SUPP and other parties to continue to mislead the people. All they are doing is supporting and empowering a kleptocrat, as well as playing to the tune of a Prime Minister who without shame, blackmailed the people of Sarawak.

GE14 is an important election. The difference between BN and Pakatan Harapan is that, for them, they need support to “negotiate, but for us, we have already “negotiated” and will return our rights and autonomous powers to the State if we win Federal power.

• Dr Kelvin Yii is Special Assistant to Chong Chieng Jen, the Member of Parliament for Kuching