‘We Are Watching You’, New Sabah MACC Boss Tells Govt Bodies

Sazali Sabri takes over from Shaharom Nizam who has been seconded to Prasarana Malaysia Berhad as Chief Integrity Officer.

KOTA KINABALU – Incoming Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) director Datuk Sazali Sabri said graft busters are closely monitoring ministries, departments and agencies in Sabah that might be exposed to elements corruption and embezzlement.

The new Sabah MACC director who reported for duty Tuesday, said that they were zooming in on government agencies that were mainly involved in development and services for the people.

“We will focus on several ministries and agencies that give services to the people in Sabah,” he told reporters after officially taking over the post of state director from Datuk Shaharom Nizam Abdul Nizam.

“We want to see if all allocations provided to both federal and state agencies are channelled to the people,” stressing that monitoring will be based on reports and information provided by the public, audit reports, people’s complaints to the Public Complaints Bureau

Sazali said the MACC also welcomed information provided by MACC officers.

According to him, over the first phase covering the next six months, MACC will study and analyse the Corruption Risk Assessment (CRA) by scanning through past and present information on particular ministries, departments and agencies.

Sazali said that under the second phase, the MACC would take action if there were evidence of corruption and abuse of power by those responsible in those ministties, departments or agencies.

“We would also go down to various government agencies and meet people to obtain input and feedback on the efficiency of the departments in efforts to improve government agencies and operate without corrupt practices,” he added.

“Our visits could be done quietly where we meet with the people and get back feedback from them particularly in the context of corruption involving certain department or agency.’’

Sazali previously served at the MACC investigations unit based at its headquarters in Putrajaya. Shaharom meanwhile, has been has been seconded to Prasarana Malaysia Berhad as Chief Integrity Officer.