Warisan’s ‘Perjuangan Rakyat’ Way To Connect With People, Raise Funds

Shafie Apdal and senior Parti Warisan Sabah leaders at Monday’s launch of the ‘Perjuangan Rakyat’. It’s not all about seeking funds from the people but also to get them involved in the struggle to save Sabah.

KOTA KINABALU: Parti Warisan Sabah launched its ‘Perjuangan Rakyat’ app Monday to initiate crowdfunding for the 14th general election, with Shafie Apdal, its president, saying it was not just about finances, but getting the people involved in the struggle to save the State.

‘Perjuangan Rakyat’ or Peoples’ Struggle, is a digital application set up by the party to get the people involved in Parti Warisan’s campaign – by contributing funds, ideas, giving constructive criticisms etc, while being put in touch with up-to-date party affairs.


(Click on the link to download app and then install on your phone or computer to view.)

Speaking to the media at the launch, Shafie brushed aside criticisms that the people were being made to cough up funds to finance an opposition party, stressing no one was being forced to part with their money, nor make them suffer in this weak economic situation.

“We just like to encourage the Sabah people and those living here to contribute to this change (of government). It is not a struggle for Parti Warisan alone, but we want to work together and ultimately it is for the people,” he emphasized.

Darell Leiking, Shafie and Junz Wong.

“What we are doing is nothing illegal and just like all other parties, political funding is being sought. It is just that we’re the first in the country to make use of the technology available and make it convenient for the people to play their part.”

According to Shafie, the people had already been making various contributions like donating cartons of water and food whenever gatherings are held, and that others had also approached him to ask how they could help out.

He said funds are very necessary come election time and the people who share and believe in Parti Warisan’s struggles for the people, can make their financial contribution, whatever amount they can afford.

He said Parti Warisan was not a rich party as suggested by its rivals and that they were struggling too, and thus far the people have been involved in keeping the party going.

Shafie could not put an exact amount to the funds required saying it varies from one constituency to another – such that in remote areas more funds are required as ferrying people to the polling stations is a tedious affair.

“This should have been the responsibility of the government to provide good roads so that the people can come out to vote on their own, but sadly, this is not so,” he added.

Shafie also said that GE14 was very crucial to the people of Sabah especially, because if there was no change in the government, then they would continue to be left behind in development and their children would have a bleak future.