Warisan’s Growing Popularity Has Made Many Anxious And Concerned

Several UMNO and PCS members were said to have handed in their membership application forms to Warisan Sabah's president, Datuk Seri Shafie Apdal on Sunday in Keningau.
Several UMNO and PCS members were said to have handed in their membership application forms to Warisan Sabah’s president, Datuk Seri Shafie Apdal on Sunday in Keningau.
Darell Leiking
Darell Leiking

STATEMENT: I admire my fellow Parliamentarian’s confidence (Deputy Home Minister, Datuk Nur Jazlan said that BN can win the upcoming General Election by at least 135 Parliamentary seats) but I believe it is too early to make such suggestion without any supporting data or statistics coming any reliable polling centres including those from BN.

I believe rather, that dictatorial governance, mismanagement, inept leadership, corruption scandals and chaotic economic policies will be the most significant reasons why voters shall reject BN this coming election.

In the case of Sabah, we have several BN MPs who constantly complain in Parliament why the Federal Government under UMNO/BN is not keen to give the much-needed attention to Sabah in multitudes of issues despite the State contributing significantly to the Federal coffers.

Whenever Najib Razak table his budget for the coming year, we will see Sabah BN leaders praising him the day after in Sabah’s local dailies, but understandably, the ordinary Sabahan will remain quiet.

And true enough, six months after Najib Razak tables his budget, our Sabah BN MPs will again start to complaint in Parliament. This happens year in and year out since 2013, and I do think Nur Jazlan must have noticed this too.

Most Sabahans, irrespective of whether they are in the urban or rural areas, have had enough with the BN’s antics.

A section of some 7,000 people who turned up at Warisan's Jelajah Sabah event cum Christmas party at Keningau on Sunday.
A section of some 7,000 people who turned up at Keningau part of Warisan’s Jelajah Sabah event cum Christmas party on Sunday.

Ordinary Sabahans have grown weary because they know there is nothing to be happy about with all the so-called ‘allocated budget’ for Sabah because the price of essential goods is uncontrollable, the price of our diesel/petrol price is very unstable and the economy is spiralling downwards.

And this all is still happening despite all the BR1M handed out by UMNO/BN since 2012; it did not save the economy but created more misery instead when Najib Razak introduced the GST to accommodate the issuance of BR1M starting from 2015.

Nur Jazlan is contradicting himself on the seats to be won by the opposition at Malaya. He said that the opposition is going to win more parliamentary seats but he still insists that BN will win with a comfortable majority in Parliament.

It is also an indirect admission that the BN is in deep trouble and likely to lose this general election.

The political dynamics in Malaya is obviously being monitored by many political party strategists in Sabah because it dictates how the internal politics in UMNO Sabah will be.

And based on some recent development happening in Malaya, it is now becoming obvious that UMNO may lose Kedah and Terengganu while UMNO may also lose more seats in Johore.

Kelantan may see several PAS seats change hands to Amanah while Selangor and Penang will remain under Pakatan Harapan.

What Sabahans really want today is a political movement against BN that will result to the formation of a new Government that, amongst other things, will commit for reliable governance that is not confined with the usual racial or religious sentiments.

Sabahan voters are actually still monitoring whether Warisan can become the strongest and biggest opposition party in Sabah that can form the new government.

But it is the currently growing ‘peoples’ political movement’ by Sabahans from the East Coast, West Coast and the Interior spearheaded by Warisan that made many parties feel somehow anxious and concerned.

Thus, in contradiction to Nur Jazlan’s contention, what the Sabahans really want is:

1. a progressive and stable economy,
2. clean and accountable governance and administration, and
3. equality and opportunity in all fields or sectors

The people only want to save a portion of their income every month for their children’s future education and not merely to work like dogs day and night just to see that every single cent of their income is been taken away by the BN Government and its tax regime.

That is the main reason why Warisan must prioritize the hopes of our Sabahans; we cannot simply create a political party, form partnership (for the sake of 1 to 1) and challenge BN because by doing so, that would mean that we are so desperate for power.

I think it will be the party itself and its leaders who will play a significant part in this coming election.

  • Darell Leiking is Parti Warisan Sabah deputy president and Member of Parliament for Penampang.