Warisan Wants Answers To Why The Medicine Shortage At Putatan Clinic

Terrence Siambun having a word with patients at the Putatan Health Clinic. He went to see for himself the situation after being informed of the shortage of medicine as well as congestion there.

PUTATAN: Parti Warisan Sabah has questioned the shortage of medicines at the Klinik Kesihatan Putatan and wants the State government to troubleshoot the situation to assist the poor people especially.

Terrence Siambun, the party’s Treasurer General cum Chief Coordinator for Putatan, said he had been approached by several villagers from Petagas complaining him about the matter.

The queue begins from outside.

“They are unhappy because instead of receiving a month long supply as how it was previously, they are now being given a 2 week supply and once it is finished, then they will have to come back to the clinic again.

“This is causing great inconveniences to the senior citizens and middle aged because it is not easy to find parking at the clinic while it takes a long time to wait for the medicines at the pharmacy counter,” he said in a statement Wednesday.

According to Siambun, some of these patients are from the low income earners whose only means of getting medical treatment is by going to the government hospital or clinic and it is appropriate to ask them to purchase medication at a pharmacy.

Siambun said he believe that the congestion happening at the clinic is partly due to this shortage because the patients now have to come every two weeks to get their supplies.

He suggested the State Government intervene to assist the senior citizens, middle-aged and low income earners to purchase their own supplies from the private pharmacy.

Unkempt surroundings at the clinic which Siambun fears could be breeding places for the aedes mosquitoes.

“While the Federal government should tell us the reason for this shortage, in the meantime, the State government can assist by bearing the costs of the remaining two weeks through the issuance of Government vouchers which the patients can give at the private pharmacy.

“Thereafter, the State government can bill the (federal) Ministry of Health for the expenses incurred in assisting Sabahans,” Siambun suggested.

He also chided the poor state of maintenance at the Klinik Kesihatan Putatan.


“The roadside is filled with overgrown weeds while the drain is clogged with vegetation hence I hope the Putatan District Council will do their part by cleaning this area,” he said.

Meanwhile, Elsie Gidai the Political Assistant to Siambun, queried the status of the Klinik Kesihatan Penampang as promised by the Government in 2012.

“In five years, the Penampang Polyclinic will not be able to accommodate the number of patients coming there anymore hence the government must prioritize the construction of a new facility and it must start immediately,” she pointed out.

She said it is the government who promised that the livelihood of the people of Penampang, Putatan and Kota Kinabalu will be much better because of the GST and this obviously includes the construction of a Klinik Kesihatan.