Warisan to GRS: Channel Emergency Funds For Tide Victims Immediately

KOTA KINABALU: Warisan has urged the Gabungan Rakyat Sabah administration to prepare and channel an emergency fund for victims of the rising tide.

Speaking to reporters in Tanjung Aru today, State Assemblyman Datuk Junz Wong said that the high tide phenomena has caused villagers to suffer property damages.

“The recent high tide phenomena and storm have affected dozens of families in Tanjung Aru Lama and Pulau Gaya.”

“I was told the tides even breached the 2-metre level, resulting in homes being destroyed.”

Junz who took a short break between the current state assembly sitting to visit the victims added, political ideologies must be disregarded at such critical situation.

“I was told that even the house of a GRS Village Head was also affected.”

“Politics aside. I do not need the credit. GRS can take all the credit they want.”

“What is important is for help to reach the ground.”

The Warisan Vice President also suggested for the funds be channeled to the UPPM.

“GRS can consider channeling the funds to the UPPM, so that it can be distributed immediately.”

“This is a critical situation. The economy is bad, people are out of jobs and lost their source of income, the price of food is skyrocketing and now a disaster has happened.”

“The help must come immediately.”