Warisan To Do Away With Communal Titles; Unpopular With People

The people at Kampung Gambaron in Telupid comprising KadazanDusun as well as Muslim Bumiputera, came out in droves to listen to Shafie Apdal speak.

SUGUT, BELURAN: Parti Warisan Sabah will abolish the unpopular communal title within 100 days of coming into power and in its place, a comprehensive land policy that will bring much benefit to the people especially the landless, will be set up.

Parti Warisan has already created a high-powered committee, comprising knowledgeable people, to look into all land issues and how best to overcome them, said party president Shafie Apdal.

Shafie said what a Warisan government would like to see is that the people will be the ones enjoying the fruits of their labour instead of companies appointed by the BN government to develop the land,

The communal title promoted by Musa Aman has its obvious disadvantages, he told the people at Kg Vasai Botition on Tuesday morning, repeating it at a second event at Kg Gambaron in Telupid later in the day.

Shafe Apdal In Kampung Gambaron where he chided Pairin Kitingan and Maximus Ongkili for not doing a good job in helping the people. He especially complained of the terrible road conditions between Kanibongan to Paitan.

Shafie said: “When we give you the land it won’t be just empty land. In areas where oil palm is suitable, we will provide the seedlings to the farmers and guide them on how to look after their plots.

“We would also suggest other crops like rubber, cocoa, stevia and even fruit trees, depending on the area and the preference of the people.

“Why, we can even start contract farming of chilli and tomatoes which can be manufactured into ketchup.”

On the people’s yearning for treated piped water supply, Shafie said there was an existing water treatment plant in Paitan and similar plants had been planned for Sugut and other rural areas.

The issue here, he said, is that it is the Sabah government’s responsibility to ensure the water reached the people.

Despite it being a working day, some 1,000 people attended a talk at Sugut. More would have come out had it not been for floods in several villages in the area.

If the BN government had not played its part in providing the meters and pipes to the individual houses, the Warisan government will do so, he said to a roar of approval from the people.

Shafie added he was also appalled by the atrocious conditions of the Kanibongan-Paitan road, and chided the infrastructure minister (Joseph Pairin Kitingan) for his lack of concern such that the rural poor had to put up with the problem.

“Whoever constructed the road, and whoever is doing the maintenance now, has obviously not done a good job.

“Perhaps the MACC should investigate this,” he suggested.

Shafie also said that when he was the Minister of Rural and Regional Development, he had approved the construction of a solar farm in Sugut which was to provide electricity to the villagers in and around Paitan.

“I hope the poles and wires have been fixed by the state government and the people are already receiving electricity.”

He urged Maximus Ongkili and Pairin to carry out their duties more effectively and to go to the ground to see the water problems and bad road conditions for themselves and to take necessary action.

On another note, Shafie promised the youth in Telupid and Beluran that Warisan would create downstream activities for palm oil so that jobs would be available.