Warisan Sabah Strikes Big In Kudat; LDP Veep, 1,800 Others Ditch BN Parties

Pak (second left) and wife, Lo (third left) with Shafie at the dinner held in conjunction with 1,285 LDP members joining Warisan. Also in the picture are Warisan permanent chairman, Datuk VK Liew (left), Junz Wong (centre) and James Ibrahim Lim (right) who joined Warisan recently.

KUDAT: The Umno-led Barisan Nasional coalition is no longer relevant and Sabahans must now unite to dispose a government that is more prone to talk and giving empty promises than actually carrying out its obligations.

Liberal Democratic Party strongman, Pak Chee Eng who ditched the party Thursday night for Parti Warisan Sabah, said he felt that Datuk Seri Mohd Shafie Apdal would be able to do a better job than the current leadership.

“I am not complaining about LDP but they are part of the BN coalition and that’s where the problem starts,” said Pak who is a vice president at central level and also number two in the Kudat division.

Pak, who started his politics in 1976 with the Sabah Chinese Association joined Berjaya in 1982 when encouraged by Tan Sri Chong Kah Kiat, a former Chief Minister, before signing up with LDP seven years later.

He claimed that Umno dominated the BN and looked after its own while the others were left in the lurch.

Shafie helps Pak to don the Warisan uniform to mark his new membership in the party.

According to Pak, the economy in Kudat was at its worse and the BN government did not seem interested in doing anything to alleviate the plight of the people, and that many youths had been forced to leave the district for greener pastures.

“I felt very attracted by Shafie Apdal’s vision especially when I read in the media that he had pledged to build a deep water port in Kudat as well as a rail link from Kudat to the State capital.

“What has the BN Umno done for Kudat? Even providing sufficient water for the people here is out of their reach,” he said in a statement Friday.

A popular personality in Kudat, Pak is also president of the Kudat Chinese Chambers of Commerce and heads several non-governmental organisations.

Shafie in a group photo with Hajah Marjais Jailani (second right in pink) who led 520 people in joining Warisan on Thursday.

At a dinner here on Thursday, he and his wife, Lo Pit Lee who is also vice president of LDP Wanita led some 1,285 others who opted to leave LDP for Warisan. Among the group were also several Umno and PBS members.

Pak has claimed that more BN members in Kudat as well as its vicinity, would be leaving their respective parties soon. He also said that many other opposition members were keen to join Warisan.

Shafie said he was impressed by Pak’s commitment to serve Parti Warisan without asking for anything in return.

“As I had said earlier in my speech here, as well as on many other occasions, there are development plans in the pipeline for Kudat and these will create many job opportunities so that our people need not have to go elsewhere,” he said.

When asked about the LDP and other crossovers, Junz Wong the Parti Warisan vice president said the new members augured well for the party, and this was enough indication that the Bangsa Sabah concept was being well accepted.

“They want to see what Parti Warisan can do. They have heard our president speak and I believe they are now convinced that supporting Parti Warisan is the right move,” said Junz.

Junz said there will be more crossovers from both the BN and other local opposition parties as these people have realised that the Warisan-led opposition pact with DAP and PKR are the frontrunners in the race to topple the BN.

At the same gathering, a former Umno Wanita Karambunai leader, Hajah Marjais Jailani led 520 people from Umno, PBS and Upko in the Tanjung Kapur state constituency to join Parti Warisan.