Warisan, Pakatan Harapan In Talks For A United Stand At GE14

VK Liew, Simon Sipaun, Peter Anthony, Junz Wong, Christina Liew, Shafie Apdal, Darell Leiking and Jaujan Sambakong at the Parti Warisan Chinese New Year ‘open house’ on Saturday.

KOTA KINABALU: An understanding between Parti Warisan Sabah and Pakatan Harapan member parties to face the 14th general election is now more of a reality than a hope.

Shafie Apdal admitted he has been talking with PKR and DAP, the principal players in PH Sabah but declined to commit as to how far they have gone.

“I am talking to them, we have yet to finalise anything,” the Warisan president told reporters after attending a Chinese New Year gathering hosted by Junz Wong, the Likas Assemblyman cum vice president on Saturday.

“Our intention is clear, that we want to take over the government of Sabah. For now the talks look positive.”

For now, Parti Cinta Sabah, a local party headed by Wilfred Bumburing, the Tamparuli Assemblyman, is also in the equation.

Sources in the know say seat allocations would be fine-tuned after the Chinese New Year as certain seats are wanted by more than one party.

Said Shafie: PH will form the government in Kuala Lumpur and here in Sabah we want to do the same. We have to make them realise that the rights of the Sabah people must be taken care off.

“It is not just a matter of seats or a quota, but more who is better positioned to win the seat for us to be able to topple the BN.

“We must not talk of race when selecting candidates, but surely in a seat like Tenom, don’t you think a Murut would be a better choice. Certainly we won’t field a Bajau there.”

Pressed further, Shafie said as such, DAP cannot take all the Chinese seats, as Parti Warisan and PKR too have Chinese leaders. Similarly Warisan also has Kadazan leaders and they cannot be left out.

However Shafie said the response from DAP in particular was more positive now considering that at one time there had been an exchange of harsh words.

The ice thawed considerably after Shafie, Junz and Jaujan had called on Stephen Wong, the DAP Sabah chief during his Chinese New Year ‘open house’ house in Sandakan.

Wong, who is also Sandakan Member of Parliament kept telling his guests and other DAP leaders as he referred Shafie as – “the incoming Chief Minister”.

It is understood that while PCS have previously given an assurance of working out with the pact helmed by Warisan, the situation is still fluid as the Bumburing-led party are now talking of a KDM bloc.

Among the notable guests at the gathering was Simon Sipaun, the former Sabah State Secretary and Suhakam director, VK Liew, the former LDP chief and Sandakan MP, Ibrahim Menudin, a former Sabah Umno Treasurer and Christina Liew, the Sabah PH chairman.