Vote Wisely For The Future Of Sabah And Malaysia

KOTA KINABALU : 1.64 million eligible voters in Sabah and 74,059 voters in P 172 Kota Kinabalu Parliamentary constituency, will decide the future of Sabah and Kota Kinabalu in particular.

Lawyer Chin Tek Ming, who is also the Chinese Affairs Coordinator of Parti Warisan urged Malaysians to exercise their constitutional right wisely when they come out to vote on this coming Saturday, 19th of November.

“In our democracy system, the people decide the Malaysian government every 5 years, not the Prime Minister, the cabinets or the leaders. They are voted based on voters’ trust to take care of Malaysia,” Chin said in a statement released here today.

“Fellow Sabahans and Malaysians residing in Sabah, in particular our voters in Kota Kinabalu should vote for a genuine local party that is Parti Warisan for a simple reason.

“We must give strong mandate to Warisan and Datuk Seri Panglima Shafie Apdal to champion the cause for the full reinstatement of the Malaysia Agreement 1963 (MA63) which includes Sabah authonomy as enshrined under the Federal Constitution, particularly the 20% oil royalty and the return of 40% tax revenue which are Sabahs right constitutionally.

Chin said this struggle can only materialise if we, fellow Sabahans and Malaysians living in Sabah are united as one.

“When we are united, our voices will definitely be heard. Voting for others except Warisan would mean Sabah would not progress and prosper. This undisputed fact has been proven over the 59 years since our independence.

“Enough is enough! Sabah has been taken for a ride for 59 years by Barisan Nasional, Pakatan Harapan and Perikatan Nasional.

“Lets us make history for Sabah. Together with Warisan, Sabahans can reset the whole system once and for all for the benefit of our next generations.

“The time is now and now is the time, don’t lose this golden opportunity to champion for our rights together with Sarawak under the Borneo Bloc.

“Sabah cannot be the poorest state in Malaysia, forever. Vote for Warisan and vote for Warisan’s Kota Kinabalu candidate, Amanda Yeo and reset Sabah,” Chin concluded.