Valet Parking At KKIA Ceases; Dividers Causes More Havoc Than Good

Phoong Jin Zhe with KKIA and MAHB officials to discuss issues at the Kota Kinabalu International Airport.

COMMENT: I had a short meet up with a representative from Malaysia Airports (MAHB) and the manager at Kota Kinabalu International Airport at the international airport regarding the issue of valet parking.

I told them that my stand is clear and there will be no room for compromise. The valet parking has brought massive inconvenience to the public and the airport management must listen to the voice of the people.

To my delight (and others also), I received a message from Dato’ Dollah, a representative from MAHB, stating that the valet parking has been terminated with immediate effect.


As such, I welcome and thank the relevant authorities for their willingness to listen to the people, especially Dato Dollah’s swift action, as well as Minister of Transport, Anthony Loke, for his assistance in the matter.

Since the matter has gone viral on a Facebook page, I have immediately contacted the Minister of Transport. I am happy to see that this has come to a closure; this is the people’s power!

Earlier on, I have brought the issue up to the airport management saying that not only is the drop-off area insufficient in the first place; having “valet parking” is equivalent to saying “those who could afford it will receive special treatment”. This is wrong in principle.

Secondly, even though valet parking exists in West Malaysia at KLIA2, the design was premeditated into the construction plan of the airport, in other words, considerations for traffic were accounted for in the initial planning before the construction, hence there will not be any lack of parking spaces issue such as the one we are now seeing in KKIA.

The dividers at KKIA pose more problems that good.

Thirdly, I also expressed my dissent towards the placement of plastic dividers along the road as the problem can be solved much better through tighter enforcement since, as witnessed by all, the dividers did not improve the traffic but only made it worst.

• Phoong Jin Zhe is the DAP Assemblyman for Luyang