Vaccination Only Way To Stop COVID From Spreading – Sarawak

SIBU: Taking the COVID-19 vaccine is the only way to stop the virus from spreading, said Bukit Assek assemblyman, Irene Chang Oi Ling from DAP.

Chang, who was vaccinated on Monday along with three other local elected people’s representatives from the party, urged the people especially the elderly in her constituency to get vaccinated.

She was admittedly very concerned and worried about the vaccine, given that it came out in the market about a year after it was developed compared to other vaccines which took up to seven years.

“I fully understand everybody’s concern (but) as a leader, if we don’t walk the talk, how can we convince other people?

“If I had a choice, I would like to hide behind others. But I didn’t have a choice, especially when the Tiong Hua Zone (in the Bukit Assek constituency) has been in the red spot for so many weeks,” she said during a live discussion session on Sibu Municipal Council chairman Clarence Ting Ing Horh’s Facebook today.

The discussion titled “After Vaccination” was also participated by Sarawak DAP vice-chairman David Wong Kee Woan who is also Pelawan assemblyman, Sarawak Assistant Minister of Local Government and Housing Dr  Annuar Rapaee and Dewan Negara member Senator Robert Lau.

Chang said previously, she was worried about infecting others with COVID-19 but with the vaccination, she would be doubly assured that she was safe to meet the people.

Meanwhile, Wong who concurred with Annuar, said leaders must set an example to instil confidence in the people.

“Keyboard warriors are playing up issues, such as saying political leaders are jumping the vaccination queue but then again, if leaders don’t take it, they would say the leaders are scared.

“There are only a few of us (leaders) in Sibu…a few of us will not take away the majority of the doses, honestly speaking. What is important is that we have to instil confidence in the rakyat and we need to spread the news. We need herd immunity,” he said.

Earlier, Dr  Annuar who is also Sibu Division Disaster Management Committee, said he took the vaccination not to protect himself first but to set himself as an example as he had been asking the people to get vaccinated.

Ting who moderated the session, said it was an honour to be selected for the first phase of the vaccination programme.

This was very personal for him, he said, as he had lost an elder sister in the late 1960’s due to Japanese encephalitis (JE). “Because of vaccination, JE is rare nowadays,” he added.

“All Malaysians have gone through vaccination before. We know we may have minor side effects. It is similar to getting a hepatitis B jab or a flu jab. That;’s nothing,” he said.

All the speakers said they did not face any major issues after their COVID-19 vaccination.