Use Sabah Snap Polls, If Held, To Reject UMNO-Led Tabling Of Hudud Bill

Wong Kah Woh

LETTER: The DAPSY National leadership is having a 3-Day 2-Night working trip at Pedalaman Sabah, meeting up with the local youth members as well as the local residents, as part of the preparation for GE14 and also the possible Sabah snap poll which is rumoured to be held as early as April this year.

The possible snap Sabah poll, which is rumoured to be held in April with the dissolution of the State Assembly in March, is the best opportunity for the People of Sabah to reject the UMNO-led Government’s taking over of (PAS president) Hadi (Awang) Private Member’s Bill, (also known as the Hudud Bill).

PM Najib Razak had previously announced that the UMNO-led BN government is taking over Hadi’s Private Member’s Bill when Parliament resumes sitting in March. This announcement was made at the expense of the interest of the nation and the rights of the people in Malaysia, for the sole reason of achieving Najib’s own political agenda of retaining power and saving himself from the global scandals of 1MDB.

We may have heard some dissatisfactory voices from within the BN’s component parties over the unilateral announcement by Najib. However, it is regrettably noted that none of the other 13 component parties in the BN have shown enough courage and political conviction to issue an ultimatum to the BN supremo, and/or to pull out from BN and isolate UMNO’s strength.

With Ka Woh, seated fourth left, are Howard Lee Chuan How, DAPSY International Secretary, Henry Shim, DAPSY Publicity Secretary, Ginger Phoong, DAPSY Policy Bureau Chief, and Chan Foon Hing.

The Minister in Prime Minister Department in charge of National Unity, Tan Sri Joseph Kurup, who is also the Pensiangan MP, has also chosen to ignore the Pensiangan Formula articulated by the DAP Parliamentary Leader, Lim Kit Siang, as a solution to address the political and constitutional stalemate created by Hadi’s private member’s bill.

The Pensiangan Formula seeks to ensure that the BN government will not take over Hadi’s Bill, and for the formation of an all-party Parliamentary Select Committee to study and make proposals on how to strengthen inter-religious relations in Malaysia.

This has again shown that the people cannot rely on the BN politicians to say “NO” to UMNO.

The UMNO internal power tussles and the global scandals currently faced by the Prime Minister have now led to a possible snap poll for Sabah, of which the People of Sabah, particularly those from Keningau, Tenom and Pensiangan who are majority Christians, will have an important task ahead, of not only to rise up and say “NO” to UMNO through the ballot boxes, but also to send a message on behalf of whole Malaysian to UMNO to reject BN’s taking over of the Bill.

DAPSY will kick off the campaigning in Keningau, Tenom and Pensiangan immediately, to ensure that the Sabah DAP can successfully make breakthroughs in these constituencies, and to save Malaysia from the global kleptocracy by UMNO.

  • Wong Kah Woh, is the National DAPSY Chief and State Assemblyman for Canning, Perak. The views expressed herein are entirely that of the writer and is not necessarily endorsed by BorneoToday.