Upko Thanks Mojigoh, Denies Putatan Division Crippled


MANGGATAL: UPKO wishes it’s former Treasurer General, Datuk Dr Marcus Mojigoh all the very best in his next endeavour.

Albert Bingkasan said, “We would like to sincerely thank Datuk Marcus and all the former members of UPKO Putatan division for all the years that they have served the party.

“Especially to my friend Datuk Dr Marcus who has served three terms as the Member of Parliament for Putatan. He was a very dedicated parliamentarian and also a committed servant of UPKO.

We wish him and all the former UPKO members, who had just resigned, well in their new political endeavour.”

Bingkasan, the UPKO information chief said,  it is always regretful when a member and a leader decided to resign from the party.

“However, we understand that in politics nothing remains definite but are constantly changing and evolving with time.

We do not deny that we have lost a very senior party leader but at the same time we must also appreciate the prospect that the party will continue to progress with new leaders taking over the helm,” said Bingkasan who is also political secretary to the UPKO President cum  Deputy Chief Minister, Datuk Seri Panglima Wilfred Madius Tangau.

Bingkasan said, Datuk Marcus has been among those who was instrumental to bring where UPKO is now.

“I remember after the result of the 14th general election in 2018, after I personally facilitated the initial discussion for about one hour, I humbly invited Datuk Dr Marcus and Tan Sri Wences Angang (who arrived later than myself) to jointly chair the Supreme Council meeting because they were the most senior leaders in attendance then in the absence of the President.

“Together, we decided for UPKO to leave the Barisan Nasional and make efforts to approach the Parti Warisan Sabah to form a coalition govevernment.

“When Datuk Seri Panglima Wilfred Madius Tangau finally arrived, he concurred with what the Supreme Council had decided. The rest is history,” added Bingkasan.

He said, “actually, Datuk Dr Marcus went a step further; he even provided his home as a safe house and as a gathering point for all of us during those crucial time.”

Eventhough Datuk Dr Marcus may have differences with the party now “but I am sure he would not deny the fact that the party now has many capable young leaders and that Datuk Dr Marcus himself has a hand in grooming the younger leaders in the party,” he said.

Bingkasan said while it was understandable, nonetheless It’s is also regretable that there was a misunderstanding with Datuk Dr Marcus  regarding the party stand on Sabah Temporary Pass and the party stand of wanting to have a public engagement and dialogue first with the relevant authorities concerning PSS before deciding whether to support it or not “as approved unanimously by our delegates in the UPKO extra ordinary meeting in 2019.”

“Even after our party president had stated recently that the party decided to proposed to the government to not implement PSS, Datuk Dr Marcus still decided to quit the party,” said Bingkasan.

The other reason supposedly given for quitting was the frustration that Putatan UPKO was excluded from any post in Putatan district eventhough UPKO was instrumental in the formation of this government.

Bingkasan said, “We understand the frustration with regards to this matter and the party has continously raised this matter amongst the component parties of the government to find the best ways of how not only for upko but for other component perties could contribute and served this government well. This is a work in progress.”

For the record, after losing the Putatan seat in the 2018 elections, Datuk Dr Marcus had resigned from being Vice President and Treasurer of UPKO in August 2018 and after the party poll that year, he refused to be appointed as a Supreme Council member, but continued to be divisional chief until few days ago.

On the claim that there were more than one thousand members who had resigned, Bingkasan said to the best of his knowledge, “we have not received the resignation letters, not even from Datuk Dr Marcus himself. Therefore we won’t be able to comment on it for now.

“Whatever it is we believe UPKO Putatan will continue to exist as we have since received informations that there are members who are still with the party and ready to reorganise the division,” added Bingkasan.

He was met at the end of a gotong royong to clean rivers in Kg Tombongon, Manggatal, here this after noon.