Upko Feels Sidelined In Labuan; Dejected No One In Advisory Council

LABUAN: The United Pasokmomogun Kadazandusun Murut Organisation (UPKO) division here feels it is being sidelined in Labuan’s development issues, after none of its leaders were appointed as members in the Labuan Corporation advisory council.

Its divisional chief Lawrence Jomiji Kinsil said there should be a power-sharing concept among the Pakatan Harapan (PH) component parties and its members, as UPKO had long been existence in the duty-free-island here more than a decade.

“UPKO must not be sidelined in any issues pertaining to the island’s development; at least one of our members must be included in the advisory council,” he said in a statement Sunday.


He stressed UPKO has played important role in forming the government working together with Warisan, PKR and DAP liaised with PH in Sabah in the interest of the people in Sabah and Labuan, therefore, he opined his party has its part too.

Jomiji Kinsil said the party UPKO president Datuk Seri Madius Tangau has made a brave decision of joining the Parti Warisan Sabah and Pakatan Harapan to form the government purely to realise the people’s wishes in the GE-14 wanting to see the aspiration of the people to have a clean government.

“Rationally, UPKO Labuan should have been given a seat in the advisory council, at least, we are able to see the power sharing concept in the interest of multiracial unity including the Kadazandusun-Murut community in Labuan,” he said.

Jomiji Kinsil however was pleased and thankful for the appointment of Associate Professor Dr Geoffrey Havey Tanakinjal (being a Kadazandusun- Murut academician) from University Malaysia Sabah (UMS) as one of the Labuan Corporation board members.


The UPKO Labuan divisional chief stressed that in addition to the appointment of academician sector, UPKO Labuan should be given a representative to be one of the advisory council board too.

UPKO information chief, Eric Rodriquez Sigutil echoed and agreed that at least an UPKO member should be given opportunity to be one of the advisory council members due to other Pakatan Harapan’s dominance in the line-up.

“Nevertheless, UPKO Labuan is fully support the Federal Territories Minister to monitor the performance of the advisory council and to see the development changes taking place within three years,” Rodriquez said.

Federal Territories Minister Khalid Abdul Samad during the presentation of the appointment of new LC chairman and members of advisory council on Oct 24 said there must be firm decision on certain proposals pertaining to improvements on ferry services, Labuan bridge project proposal, tourism and oil and gas industries and Halal hub development and one of two mega projects should be implemented to help revive the island’s economy.

“We reckon the appointment of the new chairman of LC and five members in the advisory council is welcomed by the Labuan folks and we strongly hope it will be run professionally,” he said.