Ungrateful Councillor Gets Under PKR Skin


KOTA KINABALU: A Sandakan Municipal Council member who claimed he had wasted 12 years in PKR has got the party all riled up.

Sabah PKR today said Tommy Yap’s remarks smacked of ingratitude.

“Are you not a councillor in SMC presently?,” asked its leadership council deputy chief Mustapha Sakmud.

“Have you forgotten who had recommended you to be a councillor?”

Mustapha reminded Yap who left the party recently that it was Sabah PKR chief Datuk Christina Liew who had put his name forward two years ago.

“We understand your term is about to expire next month and now out of the blue you claimed to have wasted 12 years as a PKR member for ‘nothing’.”

Mustapha reminded Yap that he was lucky to be among the first batch of new councillors to serve in the SMC following the formation of the Warisan-led state government.

“Do you know there are many PKR members out there still waiting to be appointed to positions?

“However, we wish you good luck in your future undertakings,” he added.

In another statement the party also took exception to remarks made by its Kota Kinabalu branch deputy chief Roman Lo who has quit the party.


“Do not mislead the public by saying that you left the party because the branch had no activities,” said branch Wanita chief Vivien Lee, adding that this was
a lame excuse.

“Is this the only reason you could think of to justify your defection to another party?

“Could it be that you don’t know what the branch had done all this while in organising programmes and activities, and in rendering services to the people because you had never participated in any of
our monthly activities and programmes?,” Lee asked.

According to her, Lo had over the years almost never or at best once or twice attended branch meetings, based on meeting records.

“The branch leadership was understanding and accepted his reason for his frequent absence. He claimed that he was busy doing business in a neighbouring country,” Lee said.

She also reminded Lo that he had never assisted the branch chairperson, Datuk Christina Liew when she contested in the 2013 and 2018 General Elections.

“During the elections, you were nowhere to be seen. You re-appeared only after the elections were over. The branch can vouch for your antics,” she said.

Lee however said that the party respected Lo’s decision to leave PKR.