Uncle Raped Me For Two Years, Claims Girl

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TAWAU: A two-year ordeal for a teenager ended after she blurted out about her suffering at the hands of her uncle.


The 17-year-old girl told relatives, after much persuasion, that she had been raped repeatedly by him since 2018,  said district police chief ACP Peter Umbuas.

The family subsequently lodged a police report at about 10.45am on July 8.

“A 49-year-old suspect was nabbed the same day from the Merotai Besar area,” said Umbuas.

According to sources, the girl from Kg. Kuala Merotai had kept quiet about what had been transpiring the whole time because she was afraid and ashamed.

She became depressed as time went by and when she could not take it anymore, ran away from home on June 20.

Umbuas said the girl went to stay with other relatives who started asking questions and she finally told them about the rapes.

The suspect has been remanded for seven days to facilitate investigations.