UMS’ Zaki Taken To Task Over Non Inclusion Of Sabahans For VC Post


KOTA KINABALU: Parti Warisan Sabah has registered its disappointment over the recommendation made by the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS), Zaki Azmi for the soon-to-be vacant Vice Chancellor’s post.

Zaki, who is a non-Sabahan himself, heads a selection panel that recommended two non-Sabahans to take over the UMS Vice Chancellor’s post from Prof Dr Mohd Harun Abdullah who retires next month.

According to the Wira Warisan Chief, Aziz Jamman, such recommendations clearly portray Malaya’s distrust towards a Sabahan academician in heading the higher learning institution in the State.

“I am utterly disappointed with the recommendation made by Zaki because he clearly disregards the spirit of “Borneonisation” which Malaya is supposed to honor with regards to the formation of the Federation of Malaysia,” he said in a statement Friday.

“As has been pointed out by many MA63 activists, including Warisan deputy President, Darell Leiking, the role of Malaya within the context of a Federated Malaysia, should only be limited in educating and preparing Sabahans for self-governance and administration of Sabah.”

Responding to an article in BorneoToday Aziz said this should be applied in all fields in Sabah including in public higher learning institutions such as UMS.

Aziz also slammed the contention by an Umno member that the appointment should be referred to Sabah Umno.

“But from the looks of it, it is apparent that Malaya is not going to honour their obligations, and instead continue to act as if they are the masters of Sabahans by manipulating the power over Education accorded to the Federal Government under the same MA63,” he said.

Aziz added that being accorded the power to formulate and implement education policies in Sabah, does not mean that Malaya can deprive Sabahans from taking charge of public higher learning institution in Sabah.

Aziz urged Teo Chee Kang, the Special Functions Minister in the Chief Minister’s Department, who is in charge with the Sabah Rights Committee to immediately look into this matter and find the appropriate solution.

He also slammed the contention made by Sabah UMNO members that the appointment should be referred to UMNO Sabah.

“This is pure rubbish; UMS belongs to the Malaysians and not UMNO,” he added.