Umno Would Have Changed If Only It Fights For All Malaysians

COMMENT: Sabah UMNO leader Bung Moktar Radin has asked the people of Sabah to give UMNO a chance as UMNO and BN have changed and are committed to a fairer, transparent and trustworthy administration.

At the launching of the UMNO and BN manifesto Aku Janji, the foul-mouthed Bung Moktar who is notorious for desecrating Parliament with four-lettered words and despicable utterances particularly against women, said UMNO and BN have changed because they want the people to support them.

I am tempted to inform Bung Moktar: Tell it to the marines!

UMNO would only have changed if it fights for all Malaysians and not just for one race, condemns 1MDB scandal, corruption and abuses of power in all forms.


Would UMNO, or at least Sabah UMNO, do all these before Polling Day on Sept. 26?

It is significant that Bung Mokhtar’s statement that UMNO has changed has not received support from the UMNO President, Datuk Seri Zahid Hamidi or any UMNO leader in Peninsular Malaysia.

Is Bung Moktar saying that Sabah UMNO can override and overrule UMNO Malaysia and can develop a new DNA which is not present in the Malaysian UMNO?

How can Bung Moktar expect the people to believe that UMNO has changed, when UMNO, including Sabah UMNO, are mesmerised by the “Cash is King” mentality to the extent that they fully subscribes to the siren call of the “Malu Apa Bossku” campaign?

Will Sabah UMNO prove that it is serious in wanting to have new norms of operation and thinking, and that it is prepared to strike out in a different direction by asking the former Prime Minister to concentrate on his 1MDB cases in Kuala Lumpur and not to take part in the Sabah general election campaign, as it will be most embarrassing for Sabah UMNO?

The latest development in the strange turns and twists in the Sabah general election campaign is the announcement that PBS is now a PN partner, although it will not be a member of the PN coalition.

Is the PBS declaring that it will not support any proposal for Bung Mohtar to be the next Chief Minister of Sabah?

If the PBS does not believe that Bung Moktar and Sabah UMNO have changed, why should the people of Sabah believe that Bung Moktar and Sabah UMNO have changed and have “born again” personalities?

* Lim Kit Siang is the Member of Parliament for Tanjung Putri