Tiong Tomburung Residents Stage Peaceful Gathering To Reclaim Land

Internet photo

TAMPARULI: Fifty residents of Kampung Tiong Tomburung staged a peaceful gathering at the Kiulu Native Court compound today seeking to reclaim part of their customary land allegedly encroached in 2015 by their Kampung Tiong Karanaan neighbours.

Kampung Tiong Tomburung board of trustees chairman Rusinah Sinti said the residents were concerned that future generations after them would be deprived of land to build their homesteads.

“Tiong Tomburung’s size is narrowing and it is getting closer to the river, which would be ominous for the next generation with families to build their homes.

“So the residents are seeking the immediate return of about 120 metres encroached by Tiong Karanaan five years ago,” she told Bernama after meeting with Kiulu District chief Daukim Gilu at the Native Court.

According to her, a hearing way back in 2015 involving representatives of Tiong Tomburung and Tiong Karanaan was held at the Tamparuli Native Court, but Tamparuli District chief Johnny Tanggar eventually in a letter dated May 10, 2016 ruled that the portion of land belonged to Tiong Karanaan.

“Tiong Tomburung residents did not agree with the decision and was asked by Kiulu Native Court to reopen their file for a fresh hearing,” she said.

According to Rusinah, the residents of Tiong Karanaan initially made one request for a cemetery site inside Tiong Tomburung but then increased their demand for a piece of the land to claim as their own.

“As residents of Tiong Tomburung, we will get more witnesses and evidence to support our bid during the hearing,” she added.