Time To Reclaim The Peoples’ Mandate From Selfish Politicians

MESSAGE: Malaysia was formed 57 years ago on 16th of September 1963 upon the agreement by leaders from Sabah, Sarawak, Singapore, and Malaya.

Ever since then, Sabah has been enduring mistreatment under the ruling regime. Our people’s rights were ignored, our land was plundered, and our future undecided.

Then came the 14th General Elections in 2018, when the people of Sabah voted against the ruling regime. We have given our mandate to the new government under Warisan, DAP, PKR, and UPKO.

Within 26 months since the general elections, the new Sabah government has given 10,688 land grants back to our people, created more than 83,000 new jobs, and faithfully upheld the three sworn promises of the Keningau Batu Sumpah.

Unfortunately, money politics have overturned the Sabah government when selfish politicians betrayed the Sabahan’s trust. These politicians had exploited the people’s mandate for their own selfish gain.

As we go to the polls on the 26th of September 2020, let us reclaim our mandate from selfish politicians!

Once again, we Sabahans must rally together to vote with one heart and one mind. We must unite and rally behind the leadership of Datuk Seri Panglima Haji Mohd Shafie Apdal to lead Sabah to her greater glory.

Let us Sabahans arise to protect our beloved state from selfish politicians, traitors and plunderers.

A united Sabah can lead Malaysia! Happy Malaysia Day!

* Jannie Lasimbang is the Warisan-Dap candidate for Kapayan. Jannie first won the Kapayan seat on a DAP ticket in May 2018.