Time To Go Bro, Anifah Tells Musa


KOTA KINABALU: Datuk Seri Anifah Aman today gave some brotherly advice that his elder sibling Musa may not be pleased to hear.

“Musa is my brother and I love him … I appreciate what Musa has done but I think the time has passed, let new people take over,” he said.

The not-so discreet suggestion that Musa should call it a day comes at a time when the the former chief minister is still harbouring hopes of making a comeback.

Musa, who had led a now failed attempt to topple the Warisan Plus state government, is now trying to stop the forthcoming snap state election by disputing the dissolution of the state assembly in court.

But in the meantime he appears to have lost much of his clout – from being chief minister for 15 years, to coup leader to being just the incumbent Sungai Sibuga assemblyman.

This led reporters to ask Anifah, who recently took over the helm of Parti Cinta Sabah, if he would welcome Musa into his party.

Anifah paid tribute to Musa’s service but made no secret of his belief that it was time for fresh faces to come on the scene.


“He has done enough and did well for Sabah but I think he should allow younger people to take over,” he said at a PCS luncheon with the media here.

“Musa is my elder brother, I definitely love him but there are differences when it come to politics (whether) in Kuala Lumpur, also in Sabah (differences) among families.”

He was referring to Sabah Star president Datuk Dr Jefrey Kitingan who had opposed his elder brother Tan Sri Joseph Pairin Kitingan when he led Parti Bersatu Sabah at one time.

They contested for the same seat (Tambunan state seat), he said.

“As a Sabahan, I value greatly what Musa has done for Sabah, but I believe times have changed and it is time for others to take over,” said Anifah.

“Probably what he did before was right for that particular era but now the taste is different.”

In another development Anifah said the re-branded PCS was looking at contesting enough seats to form the next state government in the state elections which must be held by the end of next month.

The Election Commission is due to convene on Aug 17 to discuss dates for the election.