Three DAP Leaders Left Before Anti-Hopping Bill Passed

(Comment: Sabah DAP Chairman, Frankie Poon)

I read with disappointment the resignation of 2 of our DAP assemblymen and a former Senator of Dap in today’s portal news as well as in the local news .

Despite the explanations and/or justification issued in their press statement regarding their resignation and unsavoury remarks of the party’s leadership and direction, the said YBs resignations are a mere cover up before the Anti Hopping Bill is presented to and passed by Parliament in Feb and March 2022.

I am mystified by their comment among others ” there is a lack of trust portrayed by the leadership in the State Committee, the State chairman in particular ” I have no idea what are they trying to insinuate?

Justin Wong had the highest votes from the delegates . He also stood as a DAP Candidate for Sri Tanjong in PRN16th and a 1st time YB . We had our 1st State Committee meeting immediately after the State Convention on 21st November 2021 but he didn’t turn up and could not be reached despite repeated calls to him .

That was very unbecoming of a YB and an elected member to the State committee and irresponsible towards members’ trust in him for putting him in The Sabah DAP State Committee . I had never rebuked or reprimand him for whatever shortcomings he had . Instead I called to advise him of the correct approaches , if there are issues .

Last year I went to Tawau to try and meet up with him and DAP Tawau members last year to discuss issues and any shortcomings he had but he was frequently unavailable because of family dinners. Similarly in KK, we had attempted to meet up with him out for social discussions but yet again, it was the similar family dinners excuse. Similarly with all YBs, I had always been courteous with YB Justin on a personal and party level and as current party Chairman and I would take calls from all our YBs if any of them had reached out to me. Having said that, can someone please shed some light who is stirring up issues and creating internal conflict within the party or so he claims?

With respect to Yb Calvin, he had been with the party much longer dating before my arrival. He contested in all State Conventions and failed to be elected to the State Committee every single time. Successful selections are the mandates given from the Delegates. Now, who is to be blamed for not acquiring such mandate?

We are barely 2 months into the new term of the State Committee and they are already unhappy ? This term will be for 3 years . Surely it can’t be the reason . Maybe they had their plans . Probably the proposed Anti Hopping Law hasten their plans .

I had spoken with our other YBs about certain issues but I never rebuked them . If anything , I offered advice to them. We resolved issues on a one to one . That is respect I accord our YBs.

It’s an abuse of the people’s mandate for any elected Yb of a political party to resign from that party to become independent Yb or for joining another political party subsequently. Instead if he is so unhappy then he should resign as a elected YB . That is the Honourable thing to do .

I had shared my plans to our State Committee to tour Sabah on a regular basis in coming years in our 2nd meeting so we may build relationship and recruit more members and sharing visions . All YBs had been invited to join in. Shouldn’t this be one of the ways forward to enhance our strength. Maybe this kind of work will become too much for them to handle .

Meanwhile I urge all supporters and members to remain calm . We will certainly rebuild our two constituencies with our members . we will continue to provide services to the respective local communities notwithstanding .