Thousands Of ‘Imported Voters’ Flood Api Api; Incumbent Shocked

Christina Liew speaking to reporters about her shock discovery of ‘transfer’ of voters in and out of her constituency. From a Chinese-majority seat, Api Api is now a mixed constituency.

KOTA KINABALU: Christina Liew said voters of Kota Kinabalu must come out in full force in the coming 14th general election, in order to vote against what she described as the “imported voters”.

Speaking to reporters on Tuesday, the Api-Api Assemblywoman claimed to have made a shocking discovery recently that there has been a massive transfer of 3,481 voters into her constituency from various places like Papar, Putatan, Sepanggar, and Pualau Gaya.

She pointed out that in 2012, there were 10,500 Chinese voters in her constituency, then in 2013 suddenly about 4,000 voters were imported from elsewhere thus increasing the number of voters to 14,175 voters.

This time around, another 3,481 “imported voters” were added into her constituency, making the total number 17, 956 voters, according to statistics made available in a statement.

“Altogether, as of to-date, 7,000 plus imported voters had been moved into my Api-Api constituency. And on top of that, about 1,000 over Chinese voters from my constituency were transferred elsewhere, and I believe many of them might not be aware of it.

“But, I would like to urge the genuine Api-Api voters not to give up, every vote counts. You must come out to vote against this kind of undemocratic high-handed practice just because someone wants to win the election.

“I also call on the voters, the Chinese voters especially, to quickly check if their names are still intact, or have been moved elsewhere,” she urged.

She was commenting on the claim of Warisan secretary-general Loretto Sipin Padua Jr that, as many as 5,000 Sabah voters have been transferred to different polling centres.

He claimed that the moving of such a large number of voters was discovered after its members sieved through the 2017 fourth-quarter Supplementary Electoral Roll (RDPT SK4/2017), which was on display for two weeks until Jan 31.

She lamented that such a systematic and massive manoeuvring of voters posed a great disadvantage to her.

“Api-Api which was used to be a predominantly Chinese constituency but it has now being turned into a mixed constituency, significantly reducing the number of Chinese voters to 52 per cent.

“Such an undemocratic-and-high-handed practice needs to be stopped, and one way of achieving this is for the genuine voters of Api-Api to come out in full force to vote against the 7,456 “imported fixed deposit voters”,” she stressed.

Liew added that although she reckoned that it is too late to rectify the problem in view of the fact that the said Electoral Roll had been gazetted, she nonetheless will be filing an official complaint with the Election Commission (EC) for record purposes.


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