Tell Me Which Account Money Was Banked In, Shafie Jibes Nazri

PAPAR: Shafie Apdal has denied receiving any money from 1 Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) while he was still in Umno.

The Parti Warisan Sabah president denied a recent claim that he got any money through a donation received by Prime Minister Najib Razak and demanded federal Tourism and Culture Minister Nazri Aziz to provide proof.

Shafie being greeted by Warisan leaders and former Barisan Nasional members from UPKO at Kampung Langkawit in Kimanis on Tuesday. He has denied getting any funds from Najib’s alleged donation of RM2.6 billion.

“This is a bit absurd that it comes from a senior minister. As far as I know, Najib never gave me any money from 1MDB,” he told reporters after a function at Kampung Langkawit Tuesday to welcome some 1,300 new members into his new party.

The former Umno vice-president described as “false and absurd” that he and former deputy president Muhyiddin Yassin were the biggest beneficiaries of any monetary aid from Najib or the controversial 1MDB.

“I really want to know what Nazri is claiming we are the bigger recipient of, and what bank account of mine did he deposit it into,” Shafie was quoted as saying in the MalayMail online.

The Semporna MP insisted that he had never even spoken to the prime minister about such funding, except for one time with regards to a circular offering sponsorship “for a group of five people to travel for umrah, but that is a few thousand ringgit per person”.

The former rural and regional development federal minister said it would not make sense for him to question the source of funds if he were a major recipient, and that was what got him dropped from the Cabinet as Najib did not like his line of questioning.

Shafie also said he had asked “a lot of questions about 1MDB” while in the federal Cabinet and ticked off Nazri for trying to dispel attention by claiming another to be the “bigger recipient”.

“This is a false and absurd claim by a senior minister.

“I remember when I raised the questions on 1MDB, Nazri was one seat away from me. He gave me a thumbs up, but discreetly, not to be seen. He said it was good that we asked those questions. I’m surprised at these characters in politics that he is raising this now.

“If I was a recipient, I wouldn’t be question it, would I,” Shafie said.

During a tell-all session with the Umno Overseas Alumni Club members in Kuala Lumpur last Sunday night, Nazri admitted to receiving funds from a controversial RM2.6 billion donation received by the prime minister for their party to use during the general election.

However, the Padang Rengas MP and Umno supreme council member claimed both Shafie and Muhyiddin received more.

Shafie and Muhyiddin were dropped from the federal Cabinet last year, presumably for their criticism of how the 1MDB matter was being handled and the RM2.6 billion deposited into the prime minister’s personal accounts.

However, Attorney-General Tan Sri Mohamed Apandi Ali has since said the money was a political donation and cleared Najib of any wrongdoing.