Tangau Recovers From Scare To Slam District Council For Shoddy Work

The Tuaran MP Tangau, with Celestinus Lawanding, the Tuaran assistant District Officer looking at the drain which he nearly fell in after he stepped on the zinc cover.

TAMPARULI: A Saturday gotong-royong by the Member of Parliament where he almost fell into a six-foot deep drain, made Wilfred Madius Tangau lose his cool and slam the local authority.

“This is so dangerous. Anyone passing by this area will be in danger,” he exclaimed.

Tangau who is also Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation nearly fell into the six-foot deep main drainage after stepping on some zincs apparently used merely to cover the top part of the drain.

Some 100 volunteers from various NGOs and BN component parties in the MyBN NBOS gotong-royong programme for the Tuaran parliamentary constituency, he also expressed disappointment with the poor workmanship of the drainage particularly near the wet market and Dewan Tun Hamdan.

He took to task the Tuaran District Council must buck up for the poor condition of the basic amenities in the township here, as well as the shoddy maintenance and appearance of the drainage in the town area.

Things people throw in their drains; Tangau pulling out an old mattress that had clogged the drain at the Tamparuli wet market.

During the gotong-royong, various items such as a gallon, a mattress and broken plates were found clogging the drainage.

It took nearly two hours for Tangau and the volunteers with assistance from the firemen to take out the discarded items from the drain to allow a smooth flow.

In this respect, he advised residents here to also share the responsibility and refrain from discarding rubbish indiscriminately.

Some of the volunteers assisted by firemen, cleaning up the pavement. – Photo credits Chris Maskilone

“Our mind-set needs to progress positively in parallel with our country’s progress,” he said.

He also criticised the relevant authorities for the low water pressure near the Tamparuli Clinic.

Firemen assisting in the gotong-royong were forced to look high and low for a water source to be able to pump water and clear the clogged drainage.

He also noticed the stall operators nearby have to stock up water in big bottles due to the problem.

“The relevant authorities especially the District Council need to be vigilant with all these issues, which is affecting the people,” he said.

As for future action, Tangau said he would be employing technology to clear up the clogged drainage.