Tangau Is a Kitten In Najib’s Cabinet But Talks Big Outside

Kenny Chua
Kenny Chua

COMMENT: I agree with United Pasokmomogun Kadazandusun Organisation (UPKO) acting President, Datuk Seri Madius Tangau that all political party must stop the ‘politicking culture’ and its high time for them to walk the talk.

It is about time that all Sabahan Members of Parliament (which includes Tangau) unite with their Sarawakian counterparts to stand firm for the rights of the people by urging the Federal Government to implement policies so that Sabah gets its rightful share of the Federation’s wealth. They should stand united to demand that the RUU 355 Syariah Criminal Jurisdiction Amendment read by PAS President Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang and supported and seconded by Barisan Nasional MP’s at the last Parliamentary Sitting should not even be debated. Sabah, Sarawak and West Malaysia (Malaya) formed the Federation of Malaysia on a Secular Basis.

At the same time, UPKO must also lead all the state’s MP to demand Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Razak reinstate Sabah’s rights under the Malaysian Agreement 1963 (MA63) instead of forming action committee after committee. This can be attained in the Cabinet.

Why does one need these committees or memorandum when the MA63 is clearly an Agreement that has not been performed and enforced. Just demand for its implementation once and for all. A consensus should be made by them (Sabah BN leaders) to come out under one voice for the sake of Sabahans.

I also challenge Tangau to walk the talk in his call to stop the politicking. Stop telling Sabahans to do this and that. You are a Federal Minister, the president of your so called BN local based party, and most importantly representative of the almost fifty thousand voters of Tuaran.

You have made so many calls in the media for Sabahan benefits, but we have not heard you propose the MA63 issue to be debated in the Parliament. And please tell us Sabahans where you stand on the RUU 355 openly. You should clearly state and reprimand the BN MPs who proposed and seconded the RUU 355.

Tangau should stand as a true leader who has the guts to name the person he criticises. Do not just name the title of that particular person without mentioning his name. A true leader should know what he’s talking about and therefore, should dare enough to spell out his opponents name.

On the other hand, Tangau should stop fooling and misleading his own supporters by telling them that the opposition has done nothing to help the people. He should know that the opposition has no access to the Authorities and are not part of policy and fiscal decisions.

The opposition do not receive funds nor the elected representative’s allocation, unlike the BN leaders who enjoy all the facilities of such funds out of the people’s taxes, just in case he forgot. Besides that Tangau is a member of the Government and the Opposition is an Opposition. Maybe he has never experienced being an Opposition member which is a totally different world compared to being a Government representative.

Kenny, the Kepayan Task Force chairman, also lambasted on UPKO’s so called stand to pull back identification card of all Sabahan as one of the effort to solve the project IC.

Tangau is a member of the Government. The fact that the Government or his prime minister can’t be bothered to react with the so called demands for recall of the Sabab IC and the reissuance of new ones tells us all of their worth as a BN Government member.

Tangau should ask his Backbenchers to submit a motion in Parliament asking the Home Minister to recall the current Sabahan IC and to reissue a new IC as what UPKO had suggested in the newspaper. You are a Member of the Government and not an Opposition Member. Sadly, these BN politicians like Tangau will not dare to do it despite repeated calls made by it’s grassroot leaders and supporters.

Tangau should sometimes heed the actions of his vice president, Marcus Mojigoh. Mojigoh sometimes speaks without thinking, but at least he talks and battles it out in Parliament for all Sabahans, unlike Tangau who keeps a tight lip on things, but tries to portray to the public in social media and local newspapers that he is a hero.

  • Kenny Chua is the acting chairman of PKR cabang Penampang. The views expressed herein are his and is not necessarily endorsed by BorneoToday.