Support Motion To Shelve Kaiduan Dam, Siambun Tells BN Lawmakers

File photo showing local villagers protesting against the construction of the Kaiduan Dam.
File photo showing local villagers protesting against the construction of the Kaiduan Dam. – Photo courtesy of

PENAMPANG – Terrence Siambun plans to file a motion to put off the proposed Kaiduan Dam project in the coming State Budget Sitting which will begin on November 18.

The Moyog Assemblymen is now calling on all, Barisan Nasional elected people’s representatives particularly those from United PasokMomogun KadazanDusun Organisation (UPKO) to support his move.

He said the proposed Kaiduan Dam which has been controversial from the very start is tainted by the alleged corruption scandal that has hit the Sabah Water Department.

Terrence Siambun
Terrence Siambun

Siambun said he believes BN and UPKO will have no hesitation to support the motion since the BN Penampang cum UPKO Penampang chairman, Datuk Donald Mojuntin had openly raised doubts over the integrity of the project.

Siambun also opined that Mojuntin had indirectly inferred that the Minister of Infrastructure and Development, Tan Sri Joseph Pairin Kitingan was not truthful when he (Mojuntin) said the Kaiduan Dam is not the only solution for the so called water crisis.

“This is in view of the fact that Pairin had repeatedly claimed there is no other solution to handle the water needs of the people other than to build the dam,” said Siambun.

The SWD is under the purview of Pairin’s ministry.

He also opined that the State government should have engaged independent consultants to conduct the Social Impact Assessment (SIA) on the proposed project, instead of appointing Sabah’s Institute for Development Studies (IDS) to do it, in order to ensure unbiased results.

“Finally Mojuntin has realised what and why so many of us have been fighting against the horrible multi-billion project known as ‘the Kaiduan Dam’,” added Siambun.

He contended that by right Mojuntin should assist the stakeholders to pursue their grievances and objections with the government, instead of just plying his concern in the media.

While supporting Mojuntin’s proposal on the Coastal Reservoirs as an alternative to Kaiduan Dam, Siambun nonetheless contended that such suggestion should have been brought up much earlier, even during the dialogue sessions.

He challenged UPKO and BN to prove their commitment to the interest and wellbeing of the people by supporting the motion which he will be proposing in the coming State Assembly sitting.