Stunning Discoveries In Diversity Of Flora, Fauna Made At Danum Valley

Danum Valley Conservation Area – home to diverse flora and fauna.- Photo credit Yayasan Sabah Group
Danum Valley Conservation Area – home to diverse flora and fauna.- Photo credit Yayasan Sabah Group

KOTA KINABALU – Yayasan Sabah Group remains steadfast in conservation efforts and advocating the future of Sabah natural heritage through continuously acquiring vital information and publishing data of its conservation areas.

Sapawi Ahmad
Sapawi Ahmad

According to the Director of Yayasan Sabah, Datuk Sapawi Bin Haji Ahmad, the group is in the process of determining the presence of rare, threatened and endangered species, assess potential threats (poaching, fire, encroachment) and prospects/potentials for ecotourism development (attractions, logistics, accessibility) especially in the Danum Valley.

He said Yayasan Sabah Group and Sabah Wildlife Department will be organising the Danum Valley Wildlife and Resources Survey 2016 Seminar at Grand Ballroom, Shangri-La’s Tanjung Aru Resort and Spa, Kota Kinabalu on 6 December 2016 to determine several important factors.

The seminar is a follow-up to the Danum Valley Wildlife and Resources Survey 2016 which was held from 15th to 29th August 2016. The survey aimed to acquire the latest information on the wildlife diversity and richness in Danum Valley Conservation Area (DVCA).

This seminar is a platform for the survey team leaders to present and share their findings, said Sapawi in a statement Monday.


“Information obtained from the survey will be presented during the seminar in order to provide input for the mid-term review of the Danum Valley Strategic Management Plan (2010-2020),” he said.

“Among others, it will also evaluate the success of implementation of planned programmes, address gaps and to consider the future direction of management of DVCA where relevant.”

A total of 133 participants from various government departments, non-governmental organisations and academic institutions took part in the survey.

During the survey, the participants were divided into 11 groups in 11 locations of survey sites within and at the perimeter of DVCA with each site covering more than 3.5 km radius.

“Some of the locations required the use of helicopter and boats as a mean of transporting participants and goods. A general standard survey methodology was used during the survey which involved line transect, camera trapping and mist net for bird survey.

“Preliminary findings of the survey showed very interesting discovery of the diversity of flora and fauna presence in DVCA,” he added.

The event will also include launching of Danum Valley Monograph entitled “Danum Valley The Rainforest.”

“This superbly illustrated, multi-faceted and adventure-filled publication brings to life Danum Valley’s mysterious rainforest through captivating aerial photography to glimpses into a spectacular diversity of life forms (flora and fauna).

“Several scholarly insights into Danum Valley’s environment and ecological networks included,” he explained.

DVCA is unique among Borneo’s forest in which a broader range of studies has been conducted here than in any Bornean site.

Some of the studies have spanned more than a decade and the range of studies cover numerous aspects of Danum’s climate, geology, soils, plants and animal life, as well as their mutual interactions.

“There is no other Borneo forest that one can step into equipped with a single, multi-disciplinary account as broad, as deep, and as well illustrated as this unique book,” he added.

The monopraph is co-authored by Mr. Hans Hazebroek, Tengku Datuk (Dr.) Zainal Adlin and Dr. Waidi Sinun.

More than 100 participants comprises of government departments, non-governmental organisations, academicians and individuals are expected to attend the seminar.