Still In Bad Shape – Iman The Last Known Female Rhinoceros In Sabah

This is Iman, a critically endangered female Sumatran Rhino and the last of her species found in the rainforests of Sabah in better times last September at the Tabin wildlife reserve. – Photo courtesy of Borneo Rhino Alliance

KOTA KINABALU: Iman, Sabah’s last known female Sumatran rhinoceros, who is suffering severe bleeding from a tumour in her uterus, is still clinging by the thread for survival at the Tabin wildlife reserve in Lahad Datu.

She still bleeds from the uterus and dark, partially clotted blood was observed to flow down the vagina, the Sabah Wildlife Department said in its latest statement.

Augustine Tuuga, the SWD director in a brief update Thursday said there was still no change of Iman’s condition from Tuesday after 15 liters of fluids and supplements were administered.

FLASHBACK: A veterinarian from the SWD gives Iman a close check up.

“Antibiotics, pain killers, vitamin K and gastric protectant were given intravenously,” said Tuuga.

“Iman defecated twice today and urinated as well. She only consumed three stalks of leaves and drank a bit (of water). She has refused fruits (bananas, papayas and mangos were offerd).”

According to Tuuga, the veterinarians administering to her will start on very low dose of diazepam to stimulate her appetite.

“She is still actively moving in her night stall,” added Tuuga.


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