Stephen Wong Tells Bosi: Grow Up, The DAP Won’t Kneel Down To You

Stephen Wong

KOTA KINABALU: DAP will not be held to ransom by its own leaders, said the party’s Sabah chief Stephen Wong.

Commenting on the stand taken by his deputy Edwin Bosi, Wong said he could not believe that the Kapayan Assemblyman could be so immature and make threats to the party that gave him the chance to rise in his political career.

“Nobody can hold the party for ransom. As a matured politician he (Bosi) should know that,” said Wong in a statement.

“I think this is the first time in (DAP) history that someone has openly made threats or issued an ultimatum. What do you expect the party to do? Kneel down to you?

“As a responsible and seemingly matured politician he should know what to do. If he wants the candidacy, there’s a proper way of doing it, and not by saying he will quit if he is not selected.”

“He has crossed the party line,” said Wong who is also the Member of Parliament for Sandakan, short of saying that Bosi should leave the party if he doesn’t believe in the leaders.

Edwin Bosi

Bosi had warned that he doesn’t trust Wong and had even previously told off the state chief that he did not do enough to fight for the DAP (when it came to the discussion of seat sharing) at Pakatan Harapan meetings.

BorneoToday first broke the news of Bosi wanting to break ranks with the DAP last week, and reported that he would announce his crossover to local-based Parti Cinta Sabah (PCS) during the just-concluded State Assembly sitting.

Instead, on Thursday, Bosi said he would remain in DAP, but claimed his voters had given him the green light to leave and become an Independent or even join any local opposition, if the DAP did not field him again.

On the DAP Sabah candidacy list Wong said 30 potential candidates had been shortlisted and Bosi was among them, but the list would be fine-tuned as state elections drew closer.

“I know what he meant (that he doesn’t trust me) – he doesn’t believe that I will field him as the candidate for Kapayan again (in the next general election). If that’s how he feels, what can I do?” said Wong.

Asked if he would communicate with Bosi to iron out whatever thorny issues between them, Wong, without any hesitation, said there’s no need for him to do so.

A senior party worker in Kapayan said Bosi’s performance in the constituency that he won in 2013 was unsatisfactory at best, and virtually unseen in the area after he was declared winner.

“Because of his poor performance, we (DAP) are getting the blame from the public and it’s quite demoralising for us, especially to our young comrades who have been working very hard to garner the people’s support,” said the party member who requested anonymity.

He said Bosi’s imminent departure would not cause a dent to the party, as Kapayan cadres had told party leaders they didn’t want a ‘non-performer’ fielded again.

He also said Bosi wanted to be sacked from the party in the hope of gaining sympathy.