Step-Grand Dad Who Impregnated Teenage Schoolgirl Found Poisoned

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MIRI: A 54-year-old farmer wanted by the police for allegedly raping his 14-year-old step-granddaughter died at the Sri Aman Hospital hospital early Friday in an apparent case of suicide.

At the same time, the teenager who is a schoolgirl and who who tried to commit suicide by jumping off her hostel on September 21 following the alleged rape and finding that she was pregnant, is now under the care of the Welfare Department.

Senior Assistant Commissioner Dev Kumar, Sarawak’s CID chief said police found the man frothing from the mouth when they went to the scene to arrest him on Thursday night. They rushed the man to the hospital where he died 5am Friday.

The case of the step-granddaughter came to light on Sept 21 when the Sri Aman Hospital alerted the police after the girl injured her back from jumping from the first floor of her hostel, and medical officers who treated her found she was five weeks pregnant.


“Social welfare officers who interviewed her later found that she tried to commit suicide by jumping off the hostel, revealing that her step-grandfather had raped her twice in August,” SAC Dev was reported saying.

Fatimah Abdullah, the State Minister for Welfare, Women and Community Development said the 14-year-old girl “is in good hands and is given the necessary medical attention and protection by welfare department officers.”

“She is also given professional counselling. She tried to commit suicide due to her ordeal so she is in a very fragile emotional state.

“The fact that she tried to kill herself showed how desperate she was.

“This is very serious. It is a wake up call to all of us of the harm that rape and incest can cause to these young girls,” she said.

Fatimah said the girl confessed to welfare officers at the hospital that she wanted to kill herself.

“After her rape she wanted to end her life. My ministry is working out a plan to get all our wakil rakyats, community associations, religious bodies and schools to come together and draw up a plan to tackle incest and rapes in rural and urban Sarawak,” she added.