STAR Ready for Polls Anytime Says Party Veep; Getting Stronger By Day

PEKAN NABALU: Parti Solidarity Tanah Airku (STAR) continues to receive strong support from the people of Kiulu with the entry of former leaders and supporters of PBS, UPKO, PKR and PCS.

Scores of people joined during the launching the party’s election machinery for the five polling districts in Kiulu comprising Bongol, Taginambur, Simpangan, Tomis and Tiong Simpodon.


The launching ceremony was officiated by the president, Dr. Jeffrey Kitingan, cum Assemblyman for Bingkor.

Star Kiulu Division Chief cum Party Vice-President, Terence Sinti, said that although this was the second launch of the Kiulu election machinery, with the first held on 4th April 2017 at Kg. Pukak, Kiulu, the machinery had actually started since 2013.

According to Terence, STAR continues to be a hit among the people of Kiulu where many have filled and submitted membership forms and volunteered to join the Party’s election machinery.

“I am confident that with the response and ever-growing support for the Party and Gabungan Sabah, we are ready to face PRU-14 if it is held at any time,” said Terence.

He added that the people are more confident and sure of local parties and are giving their full support to the component parties in Gabungan Sabah who are seen to be more sincere and are truly fighting for the people of Sabah and the restoration of Sabah rights and its autonomy”.

Sabahans are now starting to realize that the true struggles of Dr Jeffrey in STAR and Gabungan Sabah for the sake and benefit of the people of Sabah. Hence, the growing support for STAR and Gabungan Sabah and the rejection of Umno-BN and other opposition parties.

He also wholly dismissed allegations and defamatory statements hurled by other opposition parties that STAR and Dr. Jeffery were BN Agents or BN-friendly.

These slanderous accusations were deliberately targeted at STAR and Dr. Jeffrey, who are seen to be genuinely fighting for Sabah rights, so as to induce the people to reject them and deny the restoration of Sabah rights and autonomy to Sabah.