Spurned By Ex-Wife, Drug Addict Threatens To Kill Two Daughters

The house at Kampung Suang Parai, Menggatal where the incident took place on Tuesday evening. A depressed man under the influence of syabu tried to kill his two daughters as he was depressed their mother did not come back for the Aidilfitri celebrations. – Photo credit PDRM Kota Kinabalu

KOTA KINABALU: It had all the elements of a high crime drama being played out at a house in Kampung Suang Prai, Menggatal on Tuesday evening; only this time it was for real.

The main actor was a local 30-year-old unemployed man said to be high on syabu, who had threatened to kill his young children as he was angered that his ex-wife refused to spend the Hari Raya festivity with him and their two daughters.

The knife and sword that was seized from the man’s room.

At one stage, the man held a knife to the throats of his daughters, aged four and five, and set fire to a few cloth items in his rented room, while shouting at relatives to leave him alone, or else he would kill the girls.

The suspect’s auntie, who is the house owner, and a cousin tried to persuade the man to leave the children alone, but their efforts failed in the life-threatening incident at about 5.00pm that evening.

They then called the police.

Kota Kinabalu police chief, Assistant Commissioner Chandra Muthu said a police team rushed to the village upon being notified near here when they received a distress call.

He said a team of policemen surrounded the area while an officer went to talk to the suspect.

“The officer managed to persuade the suspect to let the children go and lay down his weapons a few minutes later,” said Chandra.

The burnt items that were found in the suspect’s room.

“Initial investigations showed the suspect was disappointed that his ex-wife, who is working in Johor, did not come back for the Hari Raya,” he added.

ACP Chandra said that the children did not suffer any injuries, and the father will be remanded until Saturday.

The case is being investigated under Section 307 of Penal code for attempted murder.

A sword, a kitchen knife and a home-made gun were also seized during the incident.