Sorry State Of Balairaya In Putatan; What Is Yahya, Mojigoh Doing?

Vegetation grows wildly and unkempt at one of the balairaya in Petagas.

PUTATAN: Elected Barisan Nasional representatives have become too comfortable in their positions, so much so public amenities for the people in the Putatan/Petagas constituencies have been neglected and left to rot.

Some of the balairaya (mini community halls) constructed by the government and meant for use by the people have become dilapidated and in a state of disrepair that they are not safe for use anymore, the local Parti Warisan Sabah have said.

Mohd Firdaus Diun

According to Wira Warisan Putatan chief Mohd Firdaus bin Diun, their officials while on the rounds to meet the people, have received numerous complaints from those living in the area regarding the sorry state of several balairaya.

“We are left to wonder what the deputy chief minister, Datuk Yahya Hussin who is State Assemblyman for Petagas, and Marcus Mojigoh Member of Parliament for Putatan are doing since the balairaya being a government facility, falls under their care,” said Firdaus.

“They should show more commitment in ensuring that the amenities meant for the Putatan folks are in good condition and all times. They cannot wash their hands off and say they are busy for what about the JKKK and other community leaders appointed by them.”

Firdaus said a balairaya at Kg Muhibbah actually has a signboard that tells repair work should have commenced in 2012 but until now, no work has started.

And the dewanraya at Kg. Petagas is in such a neglected state that rubbish can be found strewn all over inside the building while vegetation grows wildly outside.

This balairaya is obviously not fit for use by anyone.

“Such public amenities should be repaired immediately and a scheduled maintenance should be created so that the Government will not waste more taxpayers’ monies for a major repair works in the future,” he explained.

Meanwhile, Terrence Siambun the treasurer Parti Warisan, who is also the chief coordinator for Putatan, took a swipe at the incompetency of both Yahya and Mojigoh on this issue.

He pointed out this clearly depicts the failure of the two representatives to manage State’s assets on the part of BN Sabah and demanded that repair works must proceed immediately.

“There should be no excuses or dilly-dallying coming from Yahya and Mojigoh since both are staunch supporters of GST and advocates of the belief that ‘only BN can bring development to the people,” Siambun lashed out.

This was once one of the better ‘dewanraya’ in Putatan but lack of maintenance has caused it to fall into such a sorry state. Where are the elected representatives when they are needed, laments Warisan.  

He also warned both Yahya and Mojigoh not to think that the Putatan folks are naïve.

“Don’t even try to spin the issue by saying that Warisan is trying to deceive the people because all the evidences are there to see.

Siambun said it is most likely a case of fatigue on the part of the two representatives who believe that once they have provided for such amenities, then they can wash their hands off.

“For me, this clearly shows that both Yahya and Mojigoh have no passion, failing vision and lesser commitment at all, as they seem to no longer have the desire to make Putatan a district that its folks can be proud of.

“And most importantly, this only shows us that BN Sabah is truly incompetent in managing our State’s assets from balairayas right up to our oil/timber,” he said.

He also says that he will propose to Warisan’s top leadership to include “proper management and scheduled maintenance of all State’s assets” into the party’s proposals upon taking over the Government.

Thus, a systematic management and scheduled maintenance should be created with the participation of the villagers as the main stakeholders.

“This in turn will create a new generation of Sabahans who knows that taking care of the State’s assets is their civil responsibility,” added.