SMK Tansau first In Malaysia To Have Nursery At The School

Abdul Fattah speaks during a press conference.

PENAMPANG: SMK Tansau is the first school in Sabah to have generated a sales volume of RM1.2 million from the operation of its school cooperative last year.

Malaysian National Cooperative Movement (Angkasa) President Datuk Abdul Fattah Abdullah said, this also makes the school among eighth nationwide which has successfully recorded a turnover of more than RM1 million.

Abdul Fattah also called for all other schools in Malaysia to follow in the footsteps of SMK Tansau, adding that the school has carved its name as the first in Malaysia to have set up its own nursery at the school.

He said this allows mothers who serve as teachers in the school to send their children in while they go to work.

Abdul Fattah (third right) during the officiating of the ceremony.

“Not only it benefits the teachers, but it also provides job opportunities to many out there,” he added.

When met by reporters after the SMK Tansau’s cooperative acquisition appreciation ceremony on Wednesday, Abdul Fattah said they have identified 50 schools with great potentials to achieve a sales turnover of more than RM1 million.

“I am pretty sure that the majority of the remaining 42 schools too would reach the target because most of them were able to achieve a sales revenue of up to RM800,000,” he said

The president also proposed for the school to appoint its own operator(s) to run and manage the school canteen.

“The school could appoint operators who they deem as fit; the appointed should be given the authority to manage the sales (of the school canteen),” he said.

SMK Tansau headmistress Siti Salmiah Salmaie receives a symbolic handover from Abdul Fattah.

He suggested former students, students, or even the school cooperative members to become operators of the school canteen.

Students, for example, could be on duty according to their schedules. This, he said, would allow students to be trained as entrepreneurs from an early.

To show its appreciation towards the school for surpassing the RM1 million sales revenue target, Angkasa has rewarded the school cooperative members a three-day two-night tour to Langkawi as an incentive.

With this incentive, the movement hoped that it would be an inspiration for the school community to continue working together to further improve its cooperative.