Siambun Tells Anifah: Quit At Your Own Peril As Umno Will Not Cave In


KOTA KINABALU: Parti Warisan Sabah is tickled pink with the pledge made by Anifah Aman the Foreign Minister, that he will leave Umno if the Prime Minister failed to fulfil his promise to restore Sabah’s rights as specified under the Malaysia Agreement 1963 (MA63).

Terrence Siambun, the party’s Treasurer General said Anifah, who is merely a Member of Parliament for Kimanis, has no influence at all within the Umno Nasional organisation as he holds no elected post within the Umno Supreme Council.


“Whether Anifah resigns or not, UMNO being the bully they are, will continue with its day- by-day businesses and his post as Foreign Minister will most likely be filled by one of Najib Razak’s hardcore, maybe Marcus Mojigoh or Rahman Dahlan,” he said in a statement.

“Anifah should know that if Najib had no qualms in suspending Shafie Apdal’s membership with Umno despite being a senior vice president when he questioned Najib relating to the 1MDB issue and then remove him (Shafie) from the Federal Cabinet, then what more of Anifah himself.”

Siambun said what Anifah should have pledged in the event Najib failed to restore Sabah’s rights, that he would request the voters in the Parliamentary seat of Kimanis and State Assembly seats of Membakut and Bongawan to reject BN this coming PRU14.

“I think he wants to tell us that Najib will be announcing soon about ‘the good news’ on MA63 which perhaps are “the collective decisions within the perimeter of political expediency adopted and agreed to by Umno and BN Sabah leaders with regards to this issue,” said Siambun.


“For what good it is for him to be very confident and in turn, tells the Sabahans that he is putting his political at stake; the full restoration and immediate implementation of MA63 has nothing to do with his political future in Umno but relates to the dignity and special rights and privileges accorded to the State of Sabah,” he contended.

Siambun also advised Anifah not to be too cocky over the issue just because Umno and BN Sabah may think that decisions on MA63 are attractive in their eyes.

“Sabahans have seen it how some BN Sabah leaders threatened to pull out from that coalition because of the PTI issue and how some of them praised and were full of confidence with Najib when he finally announced the RCI on Illegal Immigrants in Sabah just before the General Election in 2013.

“But what had happened to that RCI; it has been 6 months now since the last time Johnny Mositun the Secretary General of PBS, told us that Zahid Hamidi (deputy PM) will be announcing the outcome of the inquiry and the permanent solutions yet until now, we still don’t hear a thing.

Siambun added since the general election was expected to take place soon, the government should implement in full all the terms of the MA63 and its annexes now, and not use the international treaty as a political tool.