Shafie’s Our Man But Who’s Yours, Asks DAP

KOTA KINABALU: How is the opposition going to lead the state if they can’t even agree on their pick for chief minister?

That was the question posed by Sabah DAP chief Datuk Frankie Poon when asked about Warisan Plus’ preparations going into the snap election.

The incumbent Tanjong Papat assemblyman pointed out that, despite being aligned to Perikatan Nasional, the opposition seems to lack a sense of unity, something that is not evident among Warisan Plus parties.

Poon, who is caretaker Health and People’s Well-being Minister, was speaking to reporters after presenting assistance to single mothers affected by the pandemic in Tawau today.

“We are prepared for this election but I don’t know if they are,” he said, before adding, “because we already know who is our chief minister when we win.”

“But to this moment, it is still not clear who will be their pick for chief minister.

“Who is (going to lead)? They are going to have a problem. How are they going to lead the state if they have so many internal problems now?

“But we are very certain. We have a leader in our current Chief Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Shafie Apdal.

“We have a direction so we have no issues. We support him and will continue to work with him.

“He is a man of vision and he carried us through difficulties such as Covid-19 pandemic,” said Poon.